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I LOVE These Things: My Favorite Shapewear, Bra and Underwear


I received three different emails from readers asking me what my favorite {insert underwear, bra, shapewear} is and where to buy it…so I thought if three people are emailing me, I might as well just write a post about it, right?

Considering that we wear bras, underwear and many times, shapewear, every day, we want it to be comfortable and pretty.

The problem…there is a VAST cost difference amongst bras, shapewear and underwear. It’s hard to know…”Is this one really worth the extra money?”

So, in this week’s MY FAVORITE THINGS, I thought I’d share my favorite bra, shapewear and undies.

My Favorite Bra

Vanity Fair Beauty Back BraI’ve talked about my love for Vanity Fair Bras MULTIPLE times on the blog.

For the last 22 years, I’ve worn Vanity Fair and my favorite bra (currently – because goodness knows my body has changed in 22 years) is the Vanity Fair Beauty Back Bra.

(PS: I’ve tried MULTIPLE other brands and I always keep coming back to Vanity Fair. When something isn’t broken, why fix it?)

I’m a size 36 DD and I need support, coverage, and a little help smoothing things out in the back. The Beauty Back Bra does all of those things, while still being SUPER COMFORTABLE. (You can read more in my Beauty Back Bra Review – link at the bottom of the post.)

This bra is so comfortable. I never have days where I’m thinking, “I want to rip this puppy off now.” I usually put it on first thing in the morning and take it off before I go to bed. Seriously.

Need a new bra? Give Vanity Fair a try.

Vanity Fair is available at Macy’s, JCPenney and Kohls (in the Kansas City area…I’m sure it is at other retailers in other areas) and usually runs around $28 on sale.

My Favorite Bra Hack

Bra Strap ClipsI love the look of racerback tanks in the summer.

But, racerback tanks require a racerback bra.

Unless you are 15-years-old and think showing your bra-straps is really accessorizing. WHY!!

Before I found this bra hack, I was convinced I couldn’t wear a raceback tank because I couldn’t find a damn racerback bra! It seemed like every racerback bra wasn’t made to contain my 36DD breasts (aka…no spillage) and be comfortable. But then I found these…

Bra Strap Clips.

I’m pretty sure there was an infomercial for them in the 90s.

These little bits of plastic do an amazing job of transforming my favorite bra (see above) into a racerback bra without making too much cleavage.

(As I read the reviews, this can be a problem with other styles of clips. I like being a “hot mom”, but I don’t want to be the “boob mom”. ) 

Best $7 spent in a LONG time.

My Favorite Light-Support Shapewear Camisole

Worthington TankKids.

They will ruin a trim and toned mid-section faster than a “pounder” of Peanut M&Ms.

(Okay, maybe they are on equal footing with the M&Ms.)

I’ve been noticing lately that my mid-section isn’t as “flat” as it used to be. It seems to have unwanted bulges and bumps. I don’t like it.

The solution? A shapewear camisole.

But’s it is also 100 degrees outside. And the thought of wrestling a piece of SPANX (either on or off) makes me want to cry and just deal with bulges and bumps. And then eat another handful of the M&Ms.

I found this light-support shapewear camisole completely by accident. I was ordering some stuff from JCP and I needed to get to the $50 limit to get free shipping. I had $8 left to the magic number and went looking in “tops” to see if I could find something.

And found this Worthington Seamless Tank Top.

Read the reviews. All 277 of them. It’s bonkers.

So I bought it and it a great light-weight tank. It makes everything lay smooth without providing too much control or bulk. And it is SO BREATHABLE. I wore it during a video shoot last week in 90 degree heat and it was like I wasn’t wearing anything.

And the best part….it is SO CHEAP. Use one of those $10 off $25 coupons and you will be paying a little over $6 each.

My Favorite Full Coverage Panties

Vanity Fair Hipster Undies

So, I’m a thong girl.

(You’ll see my new favorite below.)

But I was asked OVER and OVER and OVER again if I had a favorite full-coverage panty. And I didn’t.

Then I had an honest discussion about panties with a group of students who were taking Adore Your Wardrobe and several of them raved about the Vanity Fair Body Caress Comfort Hipster.

(From one of my favorite and trusted brands? Okay, I’ll try it.)

Peeps…I may become a believer because they are SO COMFORTABLE and LIGHTWEIGHT. Seriously…it’s like wearing air.

I’m still a thong girl, but I like wearing these under dresses and with my jammies at night. Bliss.

My Favorite Thong Panties

Maidenform Lacie Thongs

For years I wore Victoria’s Secret Lacie Thong Panty. They were was the best. The lace laid nicely against my hips. There were no bunches or bulges. It didn’t ride up or create an ultimate wedgie.

Then VS changed the design and the lace. And they became uncomfortable. The lace dug into my sides. The back rode up. I hated them.

And I was sad because I LOVE thong underwear.

So I was on the hunt.

Amazon had some crazy one-day sale on Maidenform and their Lace Thongs were included. I decided to give them a shot because of the size of the lace and the perfect reviews. And as you may have guessed, they have become my new favorite thong underwear.

They are everything I loved about the old Victoria Secret, plus they have a bigger lace band which means less movement and more slimming at the sides. They aren’t cheap, but man are they amazing.

As you can tell, I have quite the love affair for bras, panties and shapewear. I really, really, really believe that if you don’t have the right foundations, nothing else matters. If you have bumps, bulges, or lumps from the “git-go” it doesn’t matter how beautiful your shirt is or your pants are…they won’t lay or fit right. So start at the beginning and everything else will fall into place.

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