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I LOVE These Things: ePantry, A Good Cup of Tea & Sharing My Story With Others {Week of 3/22}


Okay, so who kidnapped SPRING? Seriously, did she take a vacation? If she did, she needs to get her scrawny butt back here because I was already for good weather, warm afternoons, deck sitting with a glass or wine and flowers blooming! And now it’s a high of 40…


So outside of my weather issues, here are some of the things I’m loving this week.

mrs meyer soap

1. ePantry.

Have y’all signed up for ePantry yet? Seriously, this is the best deal I’ve seen in a long time for eco-friendly cleaning, beauty, and household supplies. (And to say that I’m EXCITED about cleaning supplies is saying SOMETHING!) I was able to get $42 worth of Mrs. Meyers Products for $24 with FREE shipping.

Sign up through the special REDEFINEDMOM LINK and you can get the EXACT SAME DEAL. You’ll receive $10 off $30 credit, a FREE Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap, and FREE shipping. And even better, their normal prices are between 10 – 20% off Target’s normal prices. It’s a win-win, peeps. But don’t miss out, because the deal ends tomorrow (Sunday, 3/29) at midnight.

Good Earth Sweet & Spicy2. Good Earth Tea.

This cold, then hot, then cold again weather has been doing a number on my immune system. So much so that on Wednesday night, I had to just call it a day, make myself a cup of HOT tea, snuggle in a blankie and watch the latest episode of The Americans.

Me Drinking Tea

(On a side note about The Americans, does anyone else fear for Martha’s life like I do? I think Phillip has started having feelings for Martha and Elizabeth is getting jealous of their relationship. I’m afraid she is going to send South Africa Boy – because he is ALL ABOUT DOING CRAZY THINGS FOR HER – to take care of Martha.)

Out of The American’s rabbit hole.

So, my new addiction for hot tea is the Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea.

I CAN NOT explain to you how good this tea is…it’s smooth, not bitter, with the right amount of sweet and spice and requires no extra sugar or Truvia. I usually buy it through Amazon because it is about $2.50 less per box than Whole Foods or Natural Grocer.

I’d like to try out some of the other flavors, but this is the only flavor I can find in Kansas City right now. GRRRR….so it looks like I’ll have to bite the bullet and order a sampler pack from Amazon.


3.  Eating Healthy.

As you are reading this, I’ll be teaching my first Door Organics and Redefined Mom Juicing and Smoothie Class at the Ritz Charles Convention Center in Overland Park.

When the fine peeps at Door to Door Organics and I were talking about doing one of these classes, we were hoping for MAYBE, just MAYBE, 50 people to show up.

50 People….we aim small in the Snyder household.

So imagine my utter shock when we SOLD OUT three weeks before the event and we will have 300 people in attendance.

Can I just tell you that while being a little FREAKED OUT to teach that many people, I’m beyond excited (giddy, in fact) that there are so many people who are ready to take charge of their lives and want to get healthy from the inside out. I’ve experienced first hand the changes that whole living (eating right, juicing, exercising, taking supplements, using essential oils) can do to a body and I’m so happy that I get to share those learnings with so many of you.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience Door to Door Organics, you can use my special Door to Door Organics Coupon Code (I’ll also explain about box sizes and delivery), and take almost 50% off your first order.

(And because this one was such a success, Door to Door Organics plans on having many more in the future. Details are coming.)

And in case you missed it, it was SMOOTHIE and JUICING WEEK on Redefined Mom. Here are five TRIED & TRUE RECIPES that I love.

Triple Berry Smoothie Recipe

In our household, this Triple Berry Protein Smoothie Recipe is also known as the "gateway" smoothie.  You know what I mean, right? A smoothie that tastes so good that your "I hate smoothie" family members are asking for another. In all seriousness, I love this smoothie because it appeals to so many people. And it is packed full with a triple dose of protein (nut butter, protein powder, and flaxseed) - to keep them full and triple dose of flavonoids (blueberry, cherry and strawberry) that thwart the production of free radicals and keep their immune system up.

ABC Juice Recipe {A beet juice for people who hate beets}

Hate beets? This abc juice recipe is the perfect beet juice recipe for people who hate beets. It's sweet and tart (without the overpowering dirt taste). Plus it's filled with alkalizing & anti-inflammatory powers.

Green Goddess Juice Recipe {makes you a warrior every morning}

There are mornings when you need more than a cup of coffee to get you through the day...You need super powers. This Green Goddess Juice Recipe is refreshing and zesty that infuses your body with live enzymes, keeps your immune system strong, and helps you boast a radiant glow. So skip the coffee and add Green Goddess Juice Recipe to your morning routine instead.

Simple Starter Green Smoothie Recipe

Green smoothies shouldn't taste like lawnmower clippings. This Simple Starter Green Smoothie Recipe is the perfect base smoothie for adding your favorite sweet fruit for an amazing tasting smoothie every time.

Orange Creamsicle Juice Recipe

Feeling under the weather? This Orange Creamsicle Juice recipe is three ingredients, packed with vitamin C and strengthens your immune system immediately. Plus, kids think it is super yummy too.

And one more, just because I can…

If You Talk About Essential Oils, I’ll Punch You In the Face (Maybe)

Do you remember the days when Instagram and Facebook contained people photos of vacation, kid's activities, and what I had for lunch? Now, it's all about essential oils. And those growing numbers excite me and sadden me at the same time.

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