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What Women Who Do Means To Me

“I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Vanity Fair Lingerie. I received product samples to facilitate my review and compensation to thank me for my participation.”


Women Who DoAre you part of the Women Who Do?

I’m pretty sure you are.

If you are like me, you are the glue in your household.

You are the notice-r of too short jeans, manager of school projects, dinner planner, make-it-all-right-after-a-crap-day hugger, and family director.

And that is before we ever leave the house in the morning, right?

Through Vanity Fair Lingerie and their Ambassador Program, I’ve learned a lot about bras and Vanity Fair’s philosophy this year.

I’ve done my best to share all the information I’ve learned with you (like articles How To Pick The Perfect Bra and 3 Things Every Woman Should Know About Vanity Fair Bras).

Vanity Fair NYC - Cooling Comfort Bra With Kristen 2

And while all the information I received was top-notch, without a doubt, going to New York City and getting my Bra 101 education from Kristen Supulski (seen above – poor thing, this wasn’t the best photo) was the most enlightening.

(I wish everyone could take a Bra 101 class…it would be life-changing for so many people.)

I could write paragraphs and paragraphs about that class alone (but I’m not sure if anyone would read it). But because I know your time is valuable, I just want you to remember these three things:

Get Professionally Fitted.

Women have enough to worry about – an ill-fitting bra shouldn’t be one of those things.

Considering 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, is it any wonder we can’t wait to take them off?

And fit is more than band size. The size and shape of your breast, as well as the width of your shoulders, make a HUGE difference in finding a comfortable bra.

When you get fitted (any major department store like JCPenney’s, Macy’s or Kohl’s has fitters), make sure to also discuss types of bras (demi vs full-coverage vs padded or push-up) that would work best with your shape and desired outcome.

Vanity Fair NYC - Bra Close Up 2

Take Care of Your Bra.

Once you find a bra that you love, take care of it.

This means hand washing (or at a minimum using the delicate cycle, Woolite and a mesh lingerie bag) and allowing your bra to line-dry by laying flat.

Also, when you put the bras in your dresser, don’t fold them (cup on cup), but lie them flat. Just doing these simple things will extend the life of your bra significantly.

Vanity Fair Listens To Women

Vanity Fair has been making intimate apparel for nearly 100 years. And during that time, their philosophy has been simple…to provide beautiful, elegant, solution-based lingerie to woman. And they accomplish that by talking to, listening and responding to real women and their struggles.

And because of that philosophy, they create bras that are flattering, pretty, comfortable, and affordable. I’ve been wearing Vanity Fair Bras for 20 years am a fan of three of their bras – Beauty Back, Body Caress, and Flattering Lift – because those bras fit the needs of this 41-year old.

Vanity Fair Flattering Lift

(Because honestly, one-type of bra isn’t an end-all-be-all.)

I’ve loved my Vanity Fair Ambassadorship. I’m so passionate about women finding bras that make them feel confident, beautiful and comfortable. And even though it sounds cliche, finding the right bra is LIFE CHANGING.

As women and mothers, we worry about everyone else every.single.day. With so many things on our plate, it’s time we stopped “getting-by” with ill-fitting uncomfortable bras and commit to “choose me” and buy a bra that works.

We deserve better.

We are Women Who Do.

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