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I LOVE These Things: Butter-Free Popcorn, Forks & Knives, & Heavenly Smells {Week of 4/12}

As you read this post, I will be resting.

(Okay, who am I kidding, I’ll be drinking and resting…)

Last night was our school’s carnival and silent auction, which is the biggest fundraiser of the year. And little-ole-me was the head of the silent auction part (no stress there). And while I typically don’t enjoy the whole “let’s work together on a big project” atmosphere, I do have to say that I’m extremely proud to have worked along-side six other amazing women who “brought it” and secured over $8,000 worth of items.

If you aren’t involved in your local PTA, give it a shot. I know some PTA’s can be intimidating, but if you find the right tribe, you will have forever friends who love your kids as much as you do. Plus, they are great to call when you are running late to pick them up.

Here are the three other things I can’t get off my mind this week.

Gimme Some Oven Popcorn

1. Popcorn That Tastes Like Buttered Popcorn, But Isn’t.

I love popcorn.

Like, I eat popcorn at least three times a week in the evening. (Usually while watching television…and speaking of television, WHAT HAPPENED ON SCANDAL!!!) Anyway, I usually have it with just salt, but I found a recipe for Butter-Free Popcorn on Gimme Some Oven that uses Nutritional Yeast (which I bought at Sprouts) and thought I’d give it a shot.

The result is pure yumminess. It’s a combination of buttery, nutty, and savory all mixed into one.

I will say that the yeast has a hard time sticking to the popcorn. But after mixing a little in my handy-dandy Blendtec and then applying it IMMEDIATELY after it came out of the West Bend Popcorn Popper, we were in business.

If you are looking for a vegan alternative to YUMMY BUTTERY POPCORN, I’d give it a shot.

forks over knives2. My Look At Veganism.

And speaking of veganism, I watched the documentary, Forks Over Knives on Netflix this week and it is ALL Hubs and I can talk about.

Have you seen it yet? In a nutshell, it discusses research done by two doctors that eating a whole-foods plant-based diet can pretty much eradicate many diseases including cancer, diabetes, and heart issues. Plus, you get other extra benefits like weight loss, better skin, sleeping better at night, etc.

And while I realize that there are certain exceptions to ANY rule, I am a firm believer in the philosophy that we can get healthy from the inside out through our diet and supplements and essential oils and that our current health system is broken.

So Hubs and I have been doing research this last week on the pros and cons AND really talking about moving to a more plant based diet. I don’t know if we can go all in yet, those pesky kids of ours make for a formable and vocal foe. But, we have committed to eating at least one vegan meal a week and then in six months, moving to two vegan meals a week.

If you are a vegan, I’d love for you to leave a comment and let me know. And if you have any resources you’d like to share, I’d love to know those too.

lilac bush

3. Spring Flowers

Isn’t the weather just amazing? I was sitting in my screened-in-porch on Thursday evening enjoying a Lemon Ginger Boulevard Radler (and that is another thing I love…why can’t they make it year round?) and the smells coming from the air were heavenly. A mix of lilac, apple blossoms, and new life.

It made me remember that during the dark times in our lives, that if we just wait patiently and trust, newness will come. Newness that is fresh, full of promise and beauty, and stronger than the season before.

Happy Saturday, Peeps!!

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