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I LOVE These Things: My Favorite Tank Top, New Podcast & Way To Organize


Whew. I made it.

I made it through the first week of summer vacation.

We only had two “COME TO JESUS” meetings last week.

Meeting #1: I reminded my two spawn they don’t get a vote in our household, so it isn’t a democracy. They are lucky enough to live in an authoritative dictatorship where the only vote that matters is mine. (Insert massive eye-rolling.) And while I tried to make them respond to me for the entire summer with “Yes, I will do that Authoritative Dictator”, it didn’t fly. Damn rebellion.

Meeting #2: I’m not your maid. That meeting morphed into a new summer curriculum called “You Need To Learn How To Do This Stuff So You Don’t Live With Me When You Are 25.” It includes instruction in hand-washing dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and lunch preparation. Needless to say, my two students are THRILLED (sarcasm) to be enrolled.

Did I mention the pool opens up today? I don’t know who is happier…me or them.

(PS: Thank you for all the recommendations last week of shows for my daughter and I to watch once we get done with When Calls The Heart! Can’t wait to check them out.)

Here are some things that I’m into this week.

My New Favorite Tank Top

Stylus Tank Top

Every year I’m on the hunt for a new “favorite” tank top. Why? Well, for some UNKNOWN reason, it seems every year the brand/manufacturer likes to change the style. So a brand’s tank tops from last year aren’t the same as tank tops this year.

Plus, I’m PICKY. I need a good, deep scoop neck. I need shoulder straps that can cover my bra. It needs to stretch over my 36 DD breasts without looking too stretchy. And it has to by long enough to hit a few inches below my waistline.

This year’s winner…the Stylus Ribbed Tank Top from JCPenney. (Seriously, JCP is killing it this year.)

It meets all of my requirements, plus it is SUPER AFFORDABLE. (Like this week it’s only $4.50 when you combine the sale with the coupon.)

I’ve gotten it in multiple colors and will probably stock up on white and black so I can have another set for next year. ‘Cause the times are always a changing.

My New Favorite Podcast

Candidate Confessional

Maybe it is because it is an election year.

Maybe it is because I love reality television, but needed something a bit smarter and the Bachelorette Season 758  isn’t doing it for me.

Whatever the reason, I’m loving the podcast Candidate Confessional from Huffington Post.

In a nutshell, it’s the stories of politicians who ran (for whatever office – Congress, Senate, Mayor or President) and LOST.

The stories are fascinating.

I just got done listening to the one with Michelle Bachman (who before the podcast I would have declared that she annoyed the heck out of me and I disagreed with her Tea Party ideology) and gained a new respect for her, her ethics, and her humor. She provided FASCINATING tidbits on what it is like to run for president (and to do it as a woman), as well as the challenges of living in an instant media society.

If you enjoy politics and reality television, you’ll love this podcast. And maybe, like me, gain a new appreciation for the “other” party.

My New Favorite Way To Organize My Drawers

SKUBB BoxesLast weekend, I went through my dresser drawers and my closet and did the great summer “purge”.

(That was three garbage bags full.)

Some things were worn out, some didn’t fit anymore and some were bad purchases. Regardless, after I was done, I vowed to organize things better this time, so I KNEW exactly what I had. I needed to be able to see everything and not just “shove it” into the drawer and hope for the best.

My solution? Three sets of these SKUBB Box Dresser Organizers from IKEA.

And they are amazing! The perfect size to organize my underwear, tank tops, workout clothes, socks and more. I finally feel like everything has a “place” inside of the dresser.

(Instead of the place just being in the dresser, if you know what I mean.) 

The result…now smile every time I open my dresser drawers. How can I not? It just looks so darn pretty.

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