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I LOVE These Things: My Favorite V-Neck T-Shirt, New Mascara & #UnscriptedBeauty


I’m so sorry for not posting last week, but we were on the last leg of our three-state marathon vacation. We did some super cool things (Mesa Verde Cave Dwelling, Arches National Park, and seeing the start of the Grand Canyon at Dead Horse Point State Park), had some super crazy weather (we were in a blizzard with 32 degree weather three hours south of Colorado Springs while wearing shorts), but by last Saturday I felt road hard and put up wet (if you know what I mean).

But I’m back in the swing of things this week and happy to share with you some of the new things I’ve tried and fallen in love with as we begin summer vacation.

CoverGirl Bloom Mascara

1. Cover Girl Bloom Mascara.

If you have read any of my makeup beauty lists (like my favorite summertime makeup or my all time beauty favorites), you know I normally SWEAR by Cover Girl Lashblast Mascara.

A couple of weeks ago, I read an article about “must-try” beauty products and the Cover Girl Bloom Mascara was getting rave reviews for going on very thin, but making your lashes super long. I think the term they used was, “A second coat and people were asking if I was wearing false eyelashes.”

And they were right. It is a great “put on and go” mascara.

I will go back to Cover Girl Lashblast once fall/winter hit because I like the way it looks when I wear eyeliner (and I tend to not wear eyeliner in the summer). But for the summer, I’m all about BLOOM. Plus you can’t beat the price at under $8.00.

Mossimo V-Neck T-Shirt

2. Mossimo Short Sleeve V-Tee from Target

I buy a new arsenal of short sleeve inexpensive v-neck t-shirts every summer. I’ve purchased t-shirts from Gap, Kohl’s, Target, PINK and Banana Republic Outlet in the past.

The day before we were suppose to leave for vacation, I realized I was a few t-shirts short, so I frantically ran to Target and picked up four of these Mossimo Short Sleeve V-Tees hoping for the best. It turns out they are the BOMB.

The are super soft with a v-neck that isn’t too low and are long enough to be worn tucked-in or left out (or the half tuck, which is what I tend to do). I did have to go a size up from normal so they would “hang” instead of looking “painted on”. But for the price, you can’t beat it.

Aveeno Unscripted Beauty

3. Aveeno and Unscripted Beauty Contest

I’m blessed to work with some awesome brands, stores and small businesses. Before I say yes to any partnership, I always think, “Do I love this brand? Do their products make my life and my reader’s lives more fulfilled and easier? Would I buy or use these products even if they weren’t partners?”

Which is why I’m so excited about Redefined Mom’s Partner Brand, Aveeno’s Unscripted Beauty Contest.

During the month of June, just tag any photo on social media (FB, Twitter or Instagram) that celebrates the natural beauty of life that doesn’t come with a script with the hashtag #unscriptedbeauty and you’ll be entered in a contest to win a year’s supply of Aveeno Products and a photo shoot with photographer Danielle Guenther.

As moms, our unscripted beauty moments come in so many ways…nursing a small infant, putting a band-aid on a knee, making dinner, reading a book with our kids, taking the day and not wearing makeup or going for a 6-mile run when you really don’t want to. (That’s what I posted on Instagram.)

I can’t wait to see some of your #unscriptedbeauty photos over the next couple of weeks.

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