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I HATE These Things: Kidney Stones


I was QUIET this week.

(Hopefully you noticed, maybe you didn’t, I do tend to be a bit narcissistic.)

Regardless if you noticed, the reason for my quietness was…I was in BED with Kidney Stones.

This is my second time to the Kidney Stone Rodeo (and honestly, I was hoping for a one and done when it happened 15 years ago), but the rodeo was exactly as I remembered it.

It started Sunday afternoon with EXTREME pain in my lower back. But, as a trooper with crappy insurance, I vowed I wasn’t going to go to the hospital. I didn’t want to spend our family’s vacation fund at Overland Park Regional Hospital to have them tell me what I already KNEW…I had kidney stones.

But, after a couple of hours, couple with the time I screamed when I got up from using the restroom, my husband decided that it was “Time go to the emergency room.”

(He’s smart like that. Not stubborn like me.)

Three hours, lots of good drugs, saline, and a CAT scan later, it was confirmed I had a 4mm kidney stone. (For those curious, it is the size of a large piece of gravel.)

I was released with anti-puke medicine, percocet, a strainer (to mine for kidney stone gold) and “good luck”.

After several days of pain and hours upon hours of Netflix, I delivered that stupid stone on Wednesday night. (I say delivered because the pain is equal to child birth only there is no epidural.)

So as I write this on Thursday, I realize that I’m short a few articles to all of you, but honestly, I don’t have it in me to write. I feel like my body got ran over by a semi-truck while trying to pee out gravel. So I’m going to go back to bed and continue watching my Boardwalk, Peaky Blinders, Suits (and whatever else sounds good) marathon.

I’ll be back in the saddle on Monday.

Peace out.

And because I had ONE article scheduled for the beginning of this week…here is the ONE post you might have missed. 🙂

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