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DIY Halloween Witch Wreath

witch wreath cover

A spell has been cast on your front door and it’s called the DIY Halloween Witch Wreath of scary cuteness! Follow the easy steps below and you too can be the most wicked witch on the block.

What you will need:

witch wreath Collage


  1. First, follow the instructions for my DIY Purple People Eater Halloween Wreath for the tulle base {here}. Tie your black tulle strips (with a bit of purple at the top) all around the wire wreath frame, but leave the top spot empty. This is where your witch’s hat will go.
  2. Next, cut several 24 inch strips of both the purple and black tulle. Lay the purple strips on top of the black strips (I made 5 of each color) and secure in the middle with a scrap piece of tulle. Holding the middle scrap of tulle, pull the strips forward and down to make the witch’s skirt. Fluff to your delight.
  3. Tie the witch’s skirt to the top part of the wreath that is exposed.
  4. Stuff your socks with stuffing, or like I did, crunched up notebook paper. Hot glue the top of the socks together so the stuffing doesn’t come out, then hot glue the socks to the back of the wreath.
  5. Finally, for your witch’s hat, hot glue a ribbon onto it to add some color. Next, hot glue your hat over your skirt at the top of the wreath. Adjust and fluff the tulle around the hat to cover any exposed wreath frame.
  6. Hot glue a ribbon loop on the back top of your wreath to hang from.

That’s it. You just made a sweet and sassy, DIY Halloween Witch Wreath. Enjoy!

witch 3

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