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DIY Creative Way To Give A Cash Gift (Using A Kleenex Box)

kleenex cash box cover

As modern moms, we are busy creatures running from one activity to the next. While we are feeding, laundering, cleaning, working, driving and caring for our families, some things might be forgotten…like Joe Junior’s 8th birthday party. No time to get a gift? No problem! Just go get some cash out of your purse, grab an old kleenex box out of your recycling bin and follow my easy directions below. Once Joe Junior opens his creative gift, you will be crowned the coolest mom in town.

What you will need:

kleenex cash box Collage


  1. Cut 4 pieces of craft paper or card stock to fit all 4 sides of your kleenex box. Using double-sided tape or glue, tape/glue sheets onto sides of box.
  2. Place quote bubble stickers on each side and write your own witty sayings or you can write what I did: “Don’t blow it all in one place!” on two sides and “Happy Birthday!” on the other two sides.
  3. To fill up the bottom of my box a bit, I added a paper towel.
  4. Using painters tape, begin taping your money bills together (on the back side of the bills). I also taped a gift card along with bills.
  5. With some of my leftover card stock I made a “Pull Here!” tab to tape to the first bill.
  6. Begin filling your kleenex box with your money train, leaving the “Pull Here!” last and sticking out of the top.
  7. Finally, I added some of my scrap card stock to the top of the box to make it look more finished and to help hold the “Pull Here!” tab in place.

There you go. A one–of-a-kind, last-minute, super cool birthday gift!

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