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When To Shop At Nordstrom Rack


No one does it better than Nordstrom.

The fashion. The service. The selection.

But for most of us, shopping at Nordstom full-time would either require a new marriage (hello, Sugar Daddy) or mortgaging off a childĀ (that man looks really nice honey, besides mommy needs a new purse).

Enter Nordstrom’s Rack.

This mecca offers all the things we love about Nordstrom, bur for between 30 – 70% off retail prices.

When To Shop At Nordstrom Rack

When You Aren’t Looking For A Whole Outfit

When shopping at Nordstrom Rack, you need to be flexible. Remember, this isn’t Nordstrom. Things are more haphazard.

One day may find 75 different types of wool coats, including a $499 Burberry, and the next week may only have three. Have a list of “want to buy” items for the season and check back regularly.

Nordstrom Rack Photo 2
On The Right Day

Most Nordstrom Racks get shipments on a certain day (locally, I hear it is Tuesday morning). Plan to arrive within a few hours of the new shipment hitting the floor. Since everything is pre-racked, it goes right from truck to store floor. And there are only so many designer handbags and sunglasses and you need to make sure you are there for the new goods.

When in doubt on what day your store receives shipment, as a sales associate. They will be happy to help.

If It Can Be Altered

Find something you love in a too-big size. No worries.

Nordstrom Rack offers alterations on-site. You can get dresses, suits and anything else tweaked immediately. The tailor is usually available during set hours, so check with the store manager for more details. Prices are competitive. But since you got such a discount on the item, it’s okay to have it fit like a glove for $20.00.

As An Insider

Be in the know of everything by becoming a Nordstrom Rack Insider. Get information about special events, new shipments, and other inside information.

As a Nordstrom Credit Card Holder

You can use a Nordstrom credit or debit card at Rack and earn and redeem Nordstrom Notes. 2000 notes = $20 gift certificate. And I’m pretty sure a $20 note goes a lot farther at Rack than regular Nordies.

Nordstrom Rack Shoes
Other Things To Keep In Mind

Some items are made specifically for Nordstrom Rack and can be lesser quality versus items directly from Nordstrom stores. In most cases, items from Nordstrom will feature an original Nordstrom price tag, along with a tag from Rack.

Nordstrom Rack has a great return policy. So if you aren’t quite sure (but pretty sure), buy it now. It can always be returned later (if unworn or with the tags still on) within 30 days.

Do you shop at Nordstrom Rack? What is the best score you have found?