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What’s For Dinner? Food Truck Friday

The purpose of What’s For Dinner? is to provide you a recipe with items on sale this week, with no more than 10 ingredients (not including pantry items), and coming in at under $10 per meal.

What I am going to talk about today can not be found in a grocery, big-box, or custom health food store. And there is no recipe involved. Well at least not one you will make.

In my (foodie) mind, it’s bigger than all of those three.

It’s Food Truck Friday – as part First Friday’s at the Crossroads Art District.

I know. I know. Your thinking….

“Food Truck? WTH? Isn’t that the thing that sells day-old danishes and bad coffee to construction sites? Or the hot dog truck that sells to semi-drunk kids in Westport and Power & Light?”

Not anymore baby.

Since Hubs introduced me to the Food Trailers as part of our Austin, TX trip – I’ve never looked at food out of a truck or trailer the same.

Gone are the days of nasty sandwiches with pressed meat-o-something. They have been replaced with fresh, gourmet yummies, wraps, tacos, snowcones, and cupcakes. These hand-held bits of heaven are created by former executive chefs who are branching out on their own to make great food and not have the overhead of a typical restaurant. (And they do all their marketing through twitter and facebook – genius.)

And let’s be honest. There is something just super fun about eating food out on the street – looking at what everyone else is eating, smelling the good cooking and eating with your hands. It’s like being Anthony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmern without having to eat bugs or next to the street butcher.

So get out of the “bubble” and eat some amazing food from the best and brightest chefs in the area, as well as take in some art (like the amazing americanowandherekc exhibit) as part of First Fridays.

Meet me at Food Truck Friday at the KC Star Parking Lot (18th & McGee) from 5-8 pm this Friday (May 6).

You will be able to purchase food from:

3 Girls Cupcakes
CoffeeCake KC
Port Fonda
Indios Carbonsitos
Magical Meatball Tour
The Good You
The Roasterie

Want more information? Check out the article in the KC Star.

What do you think? Does Food Truck Food scare you? Share it with us via the comments or on the Kansas City Mamas Facebook Page.