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What To Buy At Aldi : Kelly’s Top 20

Top 20 Items To Buy At ALDI

Earlier this week I talked about How To Shop at Aldi and why I think ALDI rocks.

Now, I’m going to give you my Top 20 items to Buy at ALDI.

But before I get to that, there are a couple of things I need to point out.

Kelly’s Top 20 Items To Buy At ALDI

1. Pretzels ($1.30ish). I only purchase two kinds of pretzels Rold Gold and ALDI brand. They are crisp with the right amount of salt to bread flavor.

2. Tortilla Chips ($1.20). Again, I buy these and Snyder’s Grande. I think their taste is awesome.

3. Cheesey Puffs and Curls ($1.00). These have a little different cheese flavor than Cheetos, but they are also 60% of the retail price.

4. Graham Crackers ($1.50). I buy these and Honey Maid. Unfortunately, Honey Maid is never on sale or has a coupon..and at $1.50 a box, we eat them as a snack all of the time.

5. Saltine Crackers ($1.00). I only buy these and Zesta crackers and ALDI is consistently 60% less than Zesta’s retail price.

6. Flour – 5 lbs ($1.50). Flour can be cheaper at the grocery stores during holiday seasons, but if I’m in a pinch this is my go-to place.

7. Shortening – 3 lbs ($3.50). We use shortening is several recipes and for greasing baking pans…this tub allows us to never be without.

8. Spices ($1.00). It’s a limited selection, but is great for oregano, cumin, paprika, basil, garlic salt, etc.

9. Milk – Gallon ($2.00). Milk has been on sale (in Kansas) for $2.00 for the last year. Which is almost $2.00 less than the grocery stores.

10. Produce ($1.00 per pound). Everything from bananas to potatoes to watermelon to strawberries to carrots to garlic can be found at ALDI.

11. Bread ($1.00 – $1.70) Wheat Sandwich Bread is $1.00 and Whole Wheat Bread is $1.70…even Costco can’t compete with those prices.

12. Buns ($1.00) White Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns are always this price and freeze really well.

13. Garden Salad Mix ($1.00). Great way to ensure you will always have a salad on hand.

14. Dried White Northern Beans – 2 lbs ($2.30). You won’t find a better quality bean for $1.15 per pound anywhere.

15. Dried Pinto Beans – 2 lbs ($2.00). You won’t find a better pinto bean for $1.00 per pound anywhere.

16. Flour Tortillas – 10 count ($1.00). I love these tortillas. They can hold a whole taco and enchilada, but aren’t too thick.

17. Corn Tortillas – 30 count ($1.20). Again a great corn tortilla and make wonderful tostados.

18. Dry Ranch Mix ($.70). Just like Hidden Valley for 50% less.

19. Onion Soup Mix ($.80). Just like Lipton for 50% less.

20. Gravy Mix ($.35). Just like McCormicks for 60% less.

Now it is your turn? What are some of your favorite items to buy at ALDI? Leave a comment and let us know.