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Why I Am Wearing My Favorite Clothes Everyday

Why I Am Only Wearing Clothes I Love | RedefinedMom.com

Six months ago I had an “ah-ha” fashion moment.

It wasn’t a “skinny jeans are hip” or “I need more than one pair of boots” or “statement necklaces are amazing”.

It was the Fabulous Fashionistas.

The Fabulous Fashionistas are a group of six English women (who’s average age is 80 years old) that gave very candid interviews about their philosophy on life, living, and fashion which was turned into a documentary.

There were many awesome takeaways, but a comment from Jean Woods stuck in my head. She said (about fashion)…

“If I love an outfit, I might wear it every day. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I love the way it looks on me and that makes me confident.”

Isn’t that the truth? Wear an outfit we feel we feel good in, an outfit that hugs every curve and hides every fat pocket, and we feel like we can conquer the world.

Clothes are an extension of our personality. They allow each one of us to stand out (or blend in) to the rest of the covered-up human population. Heck, it is a billion dollar industry! An industry devoted to making us believe the right clothes, from the right brand, at the right time in our life will provide health, happiness, wealth, and David Beckham half-dressed on our doorstep.

But I, like most of my girlfriends, have fallen into the trap of believing having a “closet” full of clothes, in a healthy clothing rotation, was what culture required. God forbid I wear the same outfit twice in one month, let alone twice in one week. “They” can’t think I don’t have “enough” clothes to show my individuality. Duplication is unacceptable.

And because of this insecurity, I have a closet full of ho-hum, ill-fitting clothes that were purchased out of desperation (or obligation) at Target, Kohl’s, or Nordstrom (yep, it happens at the high end too) because I was desperate to have something new and rekindle the feeling that I was confident, special, and unique.

‘Cause let’s be honest. We’ve all thought when getting ready for a recurring meeting, “Have I worn that before? When was the last time I wore that? I don’t want them to think I’m wearing the same thing as last time.”

Unfortunately, here is the real truth. I can’t tell you what my best friend, co-worker, kid’s teacher, or mailman wore yesterday. It could be a jacket, a sweater, a shirt, or anything in between. I have no idea. And most of the people you see on a day-to-day basis don’t either.

So, I’ve decided to embrace Jean Woods’ philosophy in the new year.

I will only wear outfits I like and feel good in and have no fear in doing it multiple times in a row.

So, unless I love something, it’s staying at the store. I’m also giving myself the authority to spend a small fortune on a dress, sweater, or pair of jeans when they fit me like a glove and make me feel beautiful.

Glove is defined as nothing pinching, hanging over, or squished, but instead laying smoothly and covering the right places, and usually makes me respond “DAMN, I look good” after I put it on.

When I wear my Joe’s Jeans with my cashmere Elie Tahari cowl-neck sweater and Frye Boots I feel like I am a force to be respected, listened to, and appreciated. This outfit has the power to cancel out a bad hair day or hot mess of a kitchen as I walk out the door.

Why wouldn’t I want to wear that twice a week?

It’s my superhero suit! And at this point in my life I need that suit more than the approval of co-workers.

And that’s Why I Wearing My Favorite Clothes Everyday.