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The Story Of A Blogger, A Volunteer, Folgers Coffee and Ten Thousand Dollars #FolgersInKansasCity

I’ve had some pretty cool experiences being a blogger.

Besides doing a job that I love, I’ve been able to work with companies I admire, meet celebrities, write about things I’m passionate about, and experience relationships (both in real life and online) that I never would have before.

So believe me when I tell you the story I’m about to share may trump any of my previous “cool experiences”.

It started at the beginning of August.

Folgers contacted me about continuing our relationship around their product Perfect Measures.

(Here is my Folgers Perfect Measures Review. Yes, I’m a convert.)

Folgers Brightens Mornings

They had an idea about finding a person in the community who “Brightens Other’s Mornings” through their work and general attitude on life. They wanted to reward this person with a year’s supply of Folgers coffee.

As we talked and brainstormed, I kept thinking that a volunteer would make the perfect recipient. And then I had the idea that the best recipient would be someone who “Brightens A Child’s Mornings” and what better place to find that volunteer than Children’s Mercy Hospital.

(Disclosure: Children’s Mercy Hospital is also a partner of Redefined Mom.)

Then I got bold. I wondered if we could take it a step further and not only reward the volunteer, but also make a donation to the hospital in the volunteer’s name. I knew it was a stretch, but I know what a great and generous company Folgers is to the community. And as luck would have it, they were thrilled with the idea.

I had no idea what the donation would be. I’ll be honest and say in my mind, a thousand dollars seemed like a good number. Respectable to both the hospital and the volunteer.

Oh, friends. This is a great example of how our small minds can thwart big plans. Because Folgers came back and said they wanted to give $10,000 to Children’s Mercy Hospital.

And that is exactly what Folgers did.

Folgers With Bob Hill

On September 29th, National Coffee Day, Folgers Perfect Measures recognized Bob Hill (on the left), 15-Year veteran volunteer for Children’s Mercy Hospital and gave $10,000 to Children’s Mercy Hospital on his behalf.

Bob is the first person families see every Monday and Thursday morning at the information desk. And in addition, to providing smiles and directional support (if you have been to Children’s Mercy, you know how big it is), he is also the cookie and coffee cart volunteer on Thursday. He travels clinic to clinic providing a good cup of joe and fresh cookie to the parent’s who are waiting for the kiddos to be seen by the doctors.

And Folgers provided a breakfast and coffee break for all the nurses too. How cool is that?!

You can read more about the event HERE.

Great coffee. Great company. Great Hospital. Great volunteer…pretty good day for this blogger.

Disclosure: Folgers is a partner of RedefinedMom. However, the written remarks and opinions are entirely my own. Want more information – check out my full disclosure statement.