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The Redefined Mom Labor Day Chic Look

Maxi Skirt Humor

Sigh. The kids just started school again.  Which means I’ve just started decompressing from summer.  A summer that I liken to growing grapes.

You determinedly decide to plant a vine of grapes from seed, a real plan to make this summer an awesome combination of fun, learning and real…….growth.  You dig the hole, you plant the seeds, you excitedly water them and wait for the first signs of greenery.  Nature inevitably happens (unless, of course, the seed packet has no instructions – in which case we are most likely screwed,) and we begin the exciting yet boring period of waiting for the fruit of our labors (pun totally intended.)

The excitement starts to wane and boredom sets in.  More watering and nurturing and if you are anything like me, lots of silent prayers that something awesome will happen soon.  Suddenly, little microscopic globes appear just past the leaves.  Cheers, celebrations, maybe even some dancing ensue; life is good, and it’s only going to get better.  Each day, with a little bit of water, a bit more excitement, and extreme patience, those globes become recognizable grapes.  The long-awaited day arrives, when it’s determined we can pluck one of those juicy, sun-warmed grapes from its’ vine; we eagerly pop one or two in our mouths and quickly chew.

And just as quickly, the sour-tasting, nasty grapes are spit out.  Apparently I read the instructions wrong (hey, I make mistakes.)  Maybe it was the soil.  Maybe I didn’t pray enough.  Who knows!?  All I know is all that hard work, anticipation and planning didn’t pay off.  The grapes are abandoned and we all find less disappointing feats to tackle.  Like the Xbox.

Of course, summer’s over and now I have to dig up that failure of a grape vine.  It’s hot and sweaty and I’m working under a deadline to prepare that soil for our next adventure: school.  Supplies are flying off shelves faster than I can keep up.  “The teacher expects WHAT?!” I mutter under my breath for the tenth time.

And now, just when I’m finally starting to catch my breath, it’s another holiday.  Full of BBQs, family, and (thank goodness) sleeping in.  I’m done with summer.  I’m done with back-to-school.  And frankly, I’m done with my closet; summer was long and I’ve grown tired of my summer clothes.  I’m ready for fall, for layering, jackets and blazers, boots, long pants that require no shaving, and did I mention jackets?!  I’ve already exhausted all my cute outfits on vacations, previous holidays, back-to-school socializing……..I just need a break.

So this is what you will find me wearing this weekend.  I might even wear it twice (gasp!)

Labor Day Chic

*This Kimono Maxi Dress from Target is super cute, super comfortable and super affordable.  Old Navy has a slightly more affordable range of denim jackets, and don’t forget a chic colored clutch to add a touch of color! 

Have a safe and fun Holiday Weekend!

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