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The Redefined Mom Goes Back To School (Shopping)

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It’s Back-to-School.  While some of us focus on our children’s first-day-of-school outfits, I’m a bit more selfish than that.  My kids are resilient, have friends of varying shapes, sizes, colors and ages.  They make new friends at the drop of a hat.  I, on the other hand, have to scour the crowd, wondering which Mom will be the most likely to eat ice cream straight out of the container on bad days and rock a pair of stilettos with me on the good days.

I’m secretly accepting applications for new Mom-friends, Moms who have also (hopefully) graduated from the spit-up wearing, diaper-bag-bigger-than-your-car toting, single-handed stroller maneuvering, praying-there-won’t-be-a-blowout stage of Momhood.  Like any savvy Human Resources Officer, I’m glimpsing over the resumes of hairstyles, facial expressions, attitudes, accessories, outfits and most importantly – shoes (I’m just kidding, but not really.)  Are you a sensible person, preferring the comfort of sportier, flat-soled shoes?  Do you throw caution to the wind and rock a pair of heels (and then impress us with your ability to run at super-speeds in them?!)  I’m just kidding (but again, not really.)

Women have been known to bond over a particularly spectacular shoe.  We’ve also been known to bond over some serious, intangible things…..you know, like emotions (but these usually come after the first “date” and after our “chemistry” has been established.)  First impressions go a long way in crowded gyms and amongst the playgrounds.  Rachel Zoe’s quote above isn’t new or groundbreaking information, but it is helpful to remember (I mean, what is back-to-school really for but for Mom’s to find new Mom-friends?!)

All that being said, here’s my back-to-school outfit (I’m hoping it reads: I’M AWESOME, NOW COME BE MY FRIEND AND WE WILL EAT ICE CREAM.) Style tips: Use a good leopard print accessory (a leopard print shoe would also work well) to bring the browns and blacks together. Be sure to roll the cuff more than once to really accent the booties. Top it all off with a red lip for a pop of color! Nordstrom is having their Anniversary Sale (now through August 4th!) and it’s the best time to buy this season’s designer jeans (you can wear them next season, too.) I personally love the AG brand (though many of my friends swear by the J Brand…..or have sworn off jeans completely, lol!) because they seem to cover the bits I need hidden and accentuate the bits I didn’t lose with age (lol!)

Untitled #11
Top: Kohls
Jeans: AG Tomboy (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!)
Booties: Sam Edelman Pippen
Crossbody Mini Bag: Deux Lux (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!)
Necklace: Stella & Dot Sutton Necklace (as seen here)
Lipstick by Revlon

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