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Small Change – Big Difference & The Power of Love #CMHMOMS

Small Change - Big Difference

“Small change. Big difference.”

This tag line from Children’s Mercy “Small Change – Big Difference Campaign” has been rattling around in my head for the last few weeks.

For this mama, it’s been a hard month. My heart has ached for the people in Orlando. First, the senseless mass murder at an Orlando night club and then an innocent toddler on the trip of a lifetime taken in a horrific accident.

It ached for the people that were lost. Lives taken away too soon. But, if I’m honest, my heart ached the most for the mamas.

Mamas, who marched down to the site of the attack in the wee hours of the morning looking for their children – and not resting until they had an answer. Or the mama who had the “happiest place of earth” turned upside down as she replayed an event in her mind and then waited and prayed for a miracle.

And if you are like me, in those moments, I wonder…


As I worked through my own sorrow for these mamas…I realized there were mamas right down the road who are not resting until they found an answer and waiting and praying for a miracle for their own children.

The parents of the kiddos who are cared for by the doctors, nurses, and staff at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

And while I may be unable to do very much for those mamas in Orlando…I CAN do something for the mamas at Children’s Mercy.

Small Change – Big Difference

The Small Change – Big Difference Campaign features a simple way to give back…a piggy bank.

For $35 online or $30 at special events (you can check out the events here), you can purchase a piggy bank to take home, fill up with small change and help fund the care of the kiddos at Children’s Mercy hospital.

Because here is the deal…Children’s Mercy Hospital is a non-profit.

(Yep, I didn’t realize that either.)

A good chunk of the money it takes to run the hospital comes from generous donations. Those generous donations started more than a century ago when the hospital’s founding sisters, Dr. Katharine Berry Richardson and Dr. Alice Berry Graham, wrote a list of needs on a chalkboard in front of the hospital. Things as simple as blankets and apples…but those simple things made a big difference in advancing the mission of Children’s Mercy – to improve the health and well-being of all children.

And the change in the piggy bank? It goes to make a day a little brighter in the life of a kiddo (and their mama) at Children’s Mercy Hospital. It could pay for a new blanket or toy or activity or special event.


The Power of Love

We bought a bank.

We had a talk with the kids and decided to not only put our spare change in the bank, but also a few spare dollars.

(And if you have other ideas for me…leave them in the comments or hit social media with the tag #smallchange. I love hearing about other ways people give back.)

And our bank. Well, we named it the “Love Bank” because each coin or bill is going to turn into a bit of love to be spread out to others in the community.

Small change. Big difference.

Love wins.

Go HERE more information about Children’s Mercy Hospital Small Change – Big Difference Campaign.

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