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Slow Cooked Brown Sugar Shredded Ham

Thanksgiving is in one week.

And I don’t like turkey.

(Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Turkey, yes. Big Bird with Bones…not so much.)

Anyway, I can usually stomach it for one meal. But I have to control my gag reflex when it is put out AGAIN for Thursday dinner and AGAIN for Friday lunch.


Make a ham. And not just any ham – the Slow Cooked Brown Sugar Shredded Ham.

This is the ‘mutha of all ham recipes. I’ve had people who dislike ham (like I dislike Turkey) ask me for the recipe because they couldn’t believe it was ham and it is that good.

Even better, you can cook it ahead and then just do the glazing right before you are going to serve. And it freezes incredibly well, so you can have ham another time in a couple of months.

And then best part…Bone-in Shank Ham is only $.99 (lb) at ALDI.

Feed a crew. Get rave reviews. Do it on the cheap. And save a turkey.

Sounds good to me.