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Quick Easy 5 Ingredient Mango Salsa Recipe

This Quick Easy 5 Ingredient Mango Salsa Recipe is TOO. DIE. FOR. Loaded with super fruits, under 150 calories per cup and full on taste...it's the perfect compliment to chicken, fish, or a handful of tortilla chips. Plus, if cutting a mango scares you.. this post will teach you how.


(It’s a new song in the Snyder household. My daughter and I sing it everyday now.)

Did you know that Mangos are a super food? That one cup of mangos equals 100 calories? And they are in-season year round in the United States?

Me neither and that’s why my daughter and I are singing the Mango. Mango. Mango song!

Okay….before you think I’m going mango crazy…there is a reason to this madness. My daughter and I were blessed to hang out with the National Mango Board (and some awesome bloggers) a couple of nights ago at The Culinary Center of Kansas City.

It was such a cool experience because..


Seriously, for a crazy busy mom….there is nothing better than that. Good food, time with your daughter, AND having her love a new super food. WIN!!


So without further ado…here are the four easy steps to cutting a mango, courtesy of the Mango Board. (And thank GOODNESS I learned how to cut a mango, because I was doing it WAY, WAY WRONG for like FOREVER.)

How To Cut a Mango

But before I start, you need to use ripe mangos. How do you know if they are ripe? By the squeeze…they should feel squishy, but still firm.

1. Find the pith “bump”. (Also referred to the bump on the butt. Just imagine you are finding the butt bone on the mango.) Turn the “bump” right side up.

2. Cut on either side of the bump. This is where the fleshy yumminess is located.

3. Score the cut “fleshy” part with a small pairing knife.

4. Use a spoon to scoop out the mango.

How to Cut a Mango in Four Easy Steps

And then use the Quick Easy 5 Ingredient Mango Salsa Recipe on these Cinco de Mango Quesadillas.

Disclosure: The National Mango Board and The Motherhood sponsored this blog post. However, the opinions, pictures, and thoughts are my own. And the MANGO. MANGO. MANGO song does get sung at the Snyder house often. Want more information – check out my full disclosure statement.

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