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My Month As Chuck Norris {Total Gym Review}

I know it is hard to believe, but it has been three weeks since I posted my Why I Want To Be Like Chuck Norris From Total Gym Post.

And after having my Total Gym for a little over a month, I wanted to share my honest review and opinion and results.

But let’s review….here was my before picture… scary huh?

Total Gym Review

To refresh your memory, here were the reasons I was so excited to try out a Total Gym Fit.

I thought it would be easy to take these one-by-one and see if the hype lived up to the experience.

1. Total Gym allows a variety of exercises, so you never get bored.

I completely agree. I was never bored.

As someone who does her workouts from home, I can become bored easily. I’ve bought and tried Jillian Michaels, Tracey Anderson, P90X, etc…and usually after the first 30 to 45 days, I’m tired of the music, the routine, the teacher’s voice…you name it.

There are over 250 different exercises available on the Total Gym. Plus, the Total Gym Starter Kit (and the Total Gym Blog) provides you with different workout routines depending on the area of focus, time commitment, and skill level. Plus, I had the added benefit of my husband working out with me on the Total Gym. He loved it!! The Total Gym allowed him to complete a “hard-lifting routine” and I was able to complete a “lean-muscle routine” on the same piece of equipment.

2. Total Gym can provide results in as little as 20-minutes-per-day.

I completely agree. The Total Gym provides a HARD workout.

I went in thinking that since it is pulleys and body weight it would be easy. WRONG. By the end of my 20-minute workouts, my arms and legs were tired. If you have more time, doing the routines two (or even three) times will provide better results, but you definitely feel it after one circuit.

3. Total Gym is easier on joints than traditional cardio, while still building muscle mass.

I agree with a caveat.

It’s SUPER IMPORTANT to follow the instructions and tips on the cards that Total Gym provides for each exercise. These “tips” help correct form for optimal results. I skipped over these cards at the beginning because I thought “a squat is a squat”…well, because the exercise is done “differently” than with free weights, you need to be more conscious about form to avoid injuries.

4. Total Gym can be used at home and is easy to set up and put away when not in use.

I sort of agree.

The Total Gym was a BREEZE to set up after delivery. Not one issue. But, the Total Gym is big and in theory, when it isn’t being used it can be folded up and put away. With that being said, I would not use the word “easy” to describe putting it away and setting it back up. I’m could get easier the more it’s done, but ideally it would have a full-time spot in the house. Still, it takes up way less room that free weights and bars considering you can complete 250 different exercises on it.

5. Lose the extra 15lbs that have crept on since working from home.

I agree.

I was able to weigh myself after three weeks of mindful eating and working out consistently (around 35 minutes total four times a week) and have lost 4.1 pounds. My before and after pictures are not SUPER DRAMATIC, but I can tell a difference in the way my clothes fit (especially my shirts). And I love that this is an exercise routine I can continue long term. It’s easy to fit in 20 – 30 minutes a few times a week.

Final Notes

Overall, I’m super pleased with the Total Gym FIT.

The Total Gym is an investment. – no doubt about it. But looking back, so was my elliptical machine and it still going strong after 14 years of workouts and I’m thankful everyday that I have the option to use it.

The Total Gym is really, really well-made, so I know that myself and my husband will be able to use this piece of equipment regularly for the next decade.  I love the variety it provides. I love that I am able to complete a true “weight workout” one day and a “pilates workout” the next without having to go to the gym or invest in more free weights and equipment.

Yep, I drank the Kool-Aid and can say with pride that, “YES. I own a Total Gym just like Chuck Norris. And it’s amazing.”

Disclosure: I’m THRILLED (like almost giddy with excitement) to be partnering with Total Gym in a sponsored capacity on this series of posts. With that being said, the written remarks about Chuck Norris and opinions, are entirely my own. Want more information – check out my full disclosure statement.