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Kelly’s Top 10 Must-Have Beauty Products

I’m a beauty product junkie.

Nothing gets my heart going pitter-pat faster than a new issue of Beauty Best Buys in a magazine or walking into ULTA or Nordstrom’s makeup section to see and feel the new products.

And as a self described junkie, I’ve tried my share of products.

Some become my new favorites.

Others get thrown in the trash and I return to my tried and trues.

But over the years, I’ve developed a Must-Have Beauty Product List. I’m not sharing my list in an effort to say “You must buy these products!”, but I always find it helpful if one of my girlfriends “swears” by a product because it gives it a better than 50% chance of success.

And sometimes it feels good to say, “Hey, I use it and LOVE it too!”

Kelly’s Top 10 Beauty Product Must-Haves

1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.
I’ve been using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser since my sophomore year in college. I went from having horrible hard pimples every PMS cycle, to just getting an occasional black/white head every now and again. I really believe that Cetaphil is good on any skin type because it regulates your skin and provides it a balance.

2. Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Moisturizer SPF 30.
I received this product because I’m an Aveeno Ambassador.

And it Rocked. My. World. I don’t know if it is the natural Southernwood ingredient, but my skin looks so ALIVE in the morning after I use this moisturizer. It is tighter, lighter, and so soft. It is my new “must-have” daily moisturizer and it will take something amazing to get me to change again.

3. Physicians Formula Bronzer.
I love bronzer. It is one of my must-have makeup products. It can make you look tan in the winter and take the place of foundation in the summer. This one covers great without being too sparkly and is an amazing price. (Also can double as eyeshadow in a pinch.)

4. Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara.
I love to accent my eyes and I have tried more mascaras than I care to count. And every time I come back to this one for its volumizing and non-smear formula. Even better, you can get it for under $4.50 on sale with a coupon.

5. derma-E Microdermabrasion Scrub.
I tried this with my Vitacost credit and will say it is worth every penny. I’ve tried other microdermabrasion scrubs before and none of them are more gentle to my skin and leave it looking more toned, smooth, and soft. It is truly amazing. (I might even say I’m addicted as I scrub my face two times a week.)

6. Revlon Color Stay Eyeliner.
I tried this on a whim when I forgot my makeup at home and was in Nebraska at my parent’s house. It is AMAZING. The formula allows you to smear, have bold lines, or to lightly accent. And after it dries…it is there until you wash it off. Great Buy!

7. NARS Dolce Vita Lipstick.
This is truly the only lipstick that needs to no liner, no mirror, no base, and no gloss. It is perfect and gives you a bit of color without looking over-done. I’ve been buying it for over six years and it is a mainstay in my makeup kit.

8. NYC Lip Gloss (No 582).
Again, this was another whim. But for the cost, it is an awesome lip gloss. And the color is awesome. Gives a little shimmer to dark colors, accents lighter colors, or can be worn on it’s own. Even better it is only $1.50 after a coupon.

9. Sebastian Shaper or Shaper Plus Hairspray.
This hairspray has been my best friend since I was 23 years old. (Which is a long time.) I’ve got fine hair and a “bigger hair, closer to God” philosophy…this helps keep my curls, back-teasing, and twirls in place and stands up to Kansas City humidity.

10. Pantene Beautiful Lengths Shampoo & Conditioner.
I have no idea what they put in this formula, but it truly helps my hair grow longer and stronger. I’ve quit using it before (thinking something else will be better) and I can tell immediately that my hair misses it. And for a girl with fine hair (who processes it ALOT), a shampoo and conditioner that can strengthen, volumize, and condition my hair is like winning the GOLD Medal.

As you can guess, these aren’t all the products I have in my beauty arsenal. But these are my “must-have-no-matter-what” and I’m still searching for some other amazing ones to fill the gaps.

Which is where you come in? What are your “must-have” beauty products? Leave a comment and let me know.