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Kelly & Meg’s Favorite Patterned Leggings for $15 – Shipped

White Plum Leggings

If you missed out on these leggings last year or are wanting a couple more pairs/styles, Kelly & Meg’s Favorite Patterned Leggings from White Plum are back for $15 – Shipped.

Why are these our favorite leggings?

1. They are SUPER SOFT. Like your favorite blankie soft.
2. The WASH WELL. There is no piling or shrinking.
3. They are HIGHER WAISTED. So no muffin top.
5. They are long enough for us tall girls (aka me).

I own the camouflage ones. I think Meg might own all of them… 🙂

But my new favorites include the Skull & Crossbones variations.

White Plum Skull Leggings

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