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Intentional: My 2014 Focus Word

I ringed in 2014 asleep in my bed wearing flannel jammies. So as I awoke from my slumber (and a slight hangover), drank my morning coffee and consumed Facebook, I noticed a trend. The “one-word-insert-year” trend.

Instead of making a whole list of resolutions that most of us will not keep, people are choosing to focus on one-word for a year, and applying that word into their everyday life.

I love it.

I’m an anti-resolution girl. (The funniest line I saw on Facebook was, “I hate resolutions. Who wants to hang out with a hungry, cheap, self-absorbed girl who goes home every night at 9 pm to get more sleep?)

So my word for 2014…



To me INTENTIONAL means going from flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants to making a plan and sticking to it. Transitioning from short order cook to meal planner. Occasional runner to half-marathoner. Impulse shopping at Target to personal-shopper at Nordstrom.

So how will I be INTENTIONAL in 2014?

Spending INTENTIONAL time with my kids. As I converted to working full-time from part-time, I’ve noticed my attention span when my kids are talking to me is about as long as two-year old at a playground. I’m always multi-tasking. This year, I’ve decided to have a “technology-free” hour right after I pick them up from school and immediately after dinner. It’s time to play games, snuggle, read books, paint fingernails, and try to understand who the hell Steve is from Mindcraft.

INTENTIONAL investment in relationships (both family and friends). This year I was on auto-pilot. My social calendar went where the wind blew me. Got invited to something, I showed up (which is great because who doesn’t enjoy being invited to things?). But it often meant hanging with people that I liked, but didn’t LOVE. So this year, I’m going to plan a monthly girls-night out with my besties. I’m also going to pick up the phone more and text less. And I’m going to foster new relationships with people I think are cool who I want to know better.

INTENTIONAL one-on-one time with Hubs. In between two kids in activities, owning two businesses, running a household, and life, it started to feel like Hubs and I were roommates more than lovers last year. Our discussions were endless “meetings” about goals, to-do lists, discipling kids, making meals, etc. I can’t remember the last time we had a real heart-to-heart about dreams or ideas or things we found interesting. (HELLO…have you seen Sound City on Amazon Prime Instant Video yet?) So this year, it’s time to bring back “Happy Hour”…where we go out once a week, enjoy a couple of beers, and hang out at a bar that isn’t filled with televisions.

INTENTIONAL with this blog. I’ve been blogging for almost five years. This site has been around for almost a year and in my mind for three years. And you know how many posts are in the archive? Less than 25. ┬áIt’s embarrassing. I have BIG dreams for this blog and feel in the pit of my tummy that this these topics have a place on the web. But that is to require me to become real intentional about writing every week. (Funny, right, I actually have to write my thoughts for you to read them?) So, I’m committing to several new posts each week on Redefined Mom about fashion, beauty, living, crafting and more.

INTENTIONAL me time. This year I let myself go…both emotionally, physically and spiritually. I was sick as a dog five times in the last four months, with the last time being three weeks ago when I was basically bed-ridden for two weeks. Why? Because I have been too busy trying to keep all the balls up in the air and not focusing on the person doing the juggling. No more. I’m going to intentionally schedule time for myself to workout, take a bible study, go shopping, and revist my hobbies. I’m also going to quit worrying about if I’m in the right crowd, right school, right team, right friends, right teacher, while I’m striving for the right weight. Screw them, I turn 40 this year, it ain’t going to get much better.

What about you? Do you have a focus word for 2014?