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I LOVE These Things: New Office Supplies, Two Weeks & Counting + 60 Degrees

Sorry about last week, peeps.

There is no better answer than…I got the FLU.


And then after the FLU, I had to do damage control because my house was out of control because no one was managing it during the three days I was in bed and binged watched the first season of The Americans, ate 10 crackers and drank Ginger Ale. (Yes, for those keeping track, I have seen these episodes before, but one of my guilty pleasures is rewatching shows I love and seeing things I missed before.)

Here are the three things this week that are making me uber happy…

New Office Supplies

1. New Office Supplies from Home Goods.

I don’t know about you, but when I walk into Home Goods it reminds me of the biggest garage sale known to man. I can either walk around for 30 minutes and not find a thing I want…or walk around for 30 minutes and want to spend $1,000. (Is anyone else that way…or is it just me?)

This week, it was the latter. (See my laments on Instagram.) But I kept my composure and only bought these new office supplies for under $15.00 total.

I love them all. The journal, the file folders, the notepad….new office supplies put me in my happy place.

Adam Levine

2. Two Weeks and Counting.

Do you ever need a little something to look forward to? Just a little push to get your through the tough patches. For me, this is what has kept me in a happy place all week.

Me + Him + One of My Besties + Row 4 = HAPPY


I’m hoping for sleeveless. And eye contact.

(As a fair warning, being that close, might mean that I insta-ho the entire experience on Instagram and Facebook. I apologize in advance.)

Kansas City Forecast

3. 60 Degree Week.

Did you see the forecast?? Oh, my! Here comes the sun. And the warmth. And the ability to not wear a coat. And maybe even the need for a pedicure so I could wear sandals. #heaven

In fact, what in the hell are you doing reading this post anyway? GET OUTSIDE. Go for a walk. Take a bike ride. Rake some leaves. GET YOUR VITAMIN D. That’s right shut off the computer. It’s okay. I’ll be here on Monday. 🙂

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