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Honey Wheat Sandwich Bread

So I bought a bread machine recently.

(Yes, I was one of the seven Americans who did not own a bread machine…but I digress.)

What made me decide to buy a bread machine?

This recipe from my friend, Nicole.

She posted a picture of this amazing bread with the ingredients on her Facebook page. Once I read the ingredients, I knew I had to make it.

The ingredients are so simple. I can pronounce them. And there is something so satisfying about making homemade bread.

If it did start in a bread machine.

It is without a doubt…the best honey wheat bread I have ever had. It has a shelf-life of a week when protected (ie..stored in a plastic or paper bag), is soft, flavorful, and uber healthy.

It makes two loaves. So you can either eat it all up in one week or freeze one for a later date. And goes especially well with ham and cheese.


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