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Homemade Kid’s Magnetic Chore Chart

So earlier today I posted about the 50 Magnetic Business Cards from Ink Garden for $6.99 – Shipped.

Well, I’ve come up with one more (and I think WAY cooler) use for them…

Homemade Kids Magnetic Chore Chart

Ok, here is a crazy-too-organized version from an Etsy shop. (God, love her…but this is not my style.) But if gives you the idea…create magnets with different responsibilities on them for the kiddos chore chart.

Now, here is a way to do it on the cheap, with the same effect.

Get the magnetic business cards that I told you about earlier with just an image or customize with your name (like above) and leave some spacing blank.

Then write in the chore or preferred “behavior” with a sharpie.

Or if you have a set list of chores that need to be done every day, you could break your fridge into two parts (with painters tape) for “To-Do” and “Done” to make sure each chore gets done.

Either way, it’s an easy way to score an inexpensive kids chore chart that is customizable and can change as the kiddos get older or need more responsibility is needed.

Get started on your Homemade Kids Chore Chart now. (Seriously, for $6.99 shipped…how can you go wrong? Just remember to use code MAGNET2 to drop the price to $2.00 + $4.99 shipping.)

Thanks for the push, Saving Dollars & Sense.