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Holiday Parties for Less & Stress Free

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Thanks for watching me today (on 12/6/12).

Talking Points for Holiday Party on a Budget

1. Follow my tips on Entertaining Stress Free.

2. Remember, you do not have to do it all. People are coming to spend time with you and other friends. There is nothing wrong with using pre-made goodies. The Hershey’s Cheesecake, Quiche and Bruschetta are from Sam’s Club and looked and tasted like a million bucks and it was stress-free to get purchase them and cook them.

3. Gone are the days of sit-down meals. It’s a buffet. So ask your guests to pitch in. Have them bring a dish to the party. My favorite meals are ones that are appetizers and desserts – and most people have a killer recipe of both.

4. Since we are no longer sitting down to eat, it’s important for your buffet to look festive. Invest in white dinnerware and servingware. Most wholesale clubs have awesome deals right now on both – in fact the pieces in my spot were under $40.00 from Sam’s.

5. Lighting is so important. The darker and more intimate the better. I used to love candles everywhere…but they were notorious for dying before the party ended. I love these new Energizer Flameless LED Wax Candles. They give a realistic flicker of a candle…but there is no flame, no worry about mess, and they will keep “lit” until you are ready to call it a night.

6. Thinking outside of the box. Not every holiday gathering has to be at night. Have the girls over for a “baseball cap only” Saturday bunch and serve smoothies and mimosas. Smoothies are easy to make and the Black & Decker blender I featured today does a great job at a great price.

And if you missed the spot today…here I am.

If you are looking for ways to save a buck or two without resorting to “extreme” methods or sacrificing quality – you’ve come to the right place.

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