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Grocery Cart Confessionals: You’ll Find Me at Customer Service

On Friday, I showed you my shopping trip and I have a confession to make – my Target total was too low.

I knew it when I paid. (Because I always price out my shopping list.)

After further review, I figured out that the cashier gave me an extra $1.50/1 Philly Cooking Cream coupon.

At first I didn’t think much about it. But after reading this coupon integrity post from my friend Heather, I’ve decided that when I find a store error in my favor, I am going to start alerting the store.

I know this may seem over the top, but over the past few months I’ve read more and more comments on blogs from people bragging about abusing coupons and committing coupon fraud). Incidents range from using coupons for the wrong items, to slipping in extra coupons and “bullying” the cashier to push them through, to copying internet coupons on a Xerox.

I blame Extreme Couponing because they have showcased a few people that abuse the system and have gotten away with it.

It’s hard to compete with those folks on Extreme Couponing. They make it look so easy to get $1000 in merchandise for $4.67.

But, lately I’ve noticed some things starting to shift. What once was an enthusiasm for coupons and saving money, has turned into an attitude of entitlement to always get free stuff at the stores.

As any long-time couponer will say…no one is entitled to anything.

Deals come. Deals go. Deals go right. Deals go wrong.

Stores can be out of stock. Coupons can not ring up right. A cashier was grouchy.

It’s all part of the lifestyle.

You smile. Shrug it off and wait for the next sales circular.

We are fortunate to live in area that has stores that double coupons and accept most paper and internet coupons. But, at any time, stores can decide to change their policies, manufacturers could limit the coupons in print or the quantities at the store. I’m not saying it will happen because of shows like Extreme Couponing or coupon abuse, but its seems plausible that it could be possible.

And because of that possibility, I’m going to be the couponer traveling the higher road.

Goodness knows, I would be at customer service if my cashier has missed a coupon. So, I’m also going to be at customer service if my cashier has given me an extra savings.

Do you think I’m nuts? Have you ever let a store know if there was an error in your favor? Have you noticed a change in the attitudes of people couponing?