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DIY Printable Junk Food Luggage Tags

Mr. Nacho and Mr. Taco to the rescue! Make sure no one takes your black luggage again with these DIY Printable Junk Food Luggage Tags.

Spreading smiles and junk food cravings one trip at a time.

Travel season is here!

And that means lots of airports and lots of luggage that looks EXACTLY alike.

(You know. Black. Roller. Non-Descript Brand.)

And bags that look alike have a higher-than-normal chance of being swiped by someone else.

(Funny story. One time coming home from California Wine Country we had a case of wine in a shipper box packed in my black suitcase. Anyway, this random guy takes my bag and starts walking off with it. Luckily, I saw it and alerted my husband who had to run down the hallway to catch up with him and then the man started arguing with my husband about it being MY BAG. Luckily, there are things like name and luggage tags that proved to naughty-naughty stealer man that this was my suitcase.)

But never fear, Mr. Nachos and Ms. Donut have come to save your bag from naughty-naughty stealer man!

These printable DIY Junk Food Luggage Tags not only set your bags apart from all the other black bags on the carousel but will bring smiles to all those who thought your bag was theirs.

Happy travels!

Mr. Nacho and Mr. Taco to the rescue! Make sure no one takes your black luggage again with these DIY Printable Junk Food Luggage Tags.

DIY Printable Junk Food Luggage Tags

What you will need:


1. Download this 8.5 x 11 PDF file: DIY Printable Junk Food Luggage Tags.

2. Print at home on card stock or photo paper.

3. Cut out your tags.

4. Write on the back with your personal information (name, address, phone).

5. Fold each tag in half.

6. Laminate your tags at home using laminating sheets. You could also go to your local office supply/mailing store and have them laminated there. This is what I would recommend doing because the office supply/mailing stores have lamination machines that use a thicker, more durable lamination process and it is fairly inexpensive.

7. Trim your laminated tags then hole punch the top of each.

8. Using a ribbon or rubber band, attach to your luggage.

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