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Cutting Lawn Care Costs On a Large Yard

6 Tips For Cutting Lawn Care Costs

If you have a large yard, cutting lawn care costs has probably passed your mind at one time or another. Keeping up a large yard can be extremely costly with fertilizer, mowers, flowers, compost, gasoline, trimmers and countless other things that can be required.

But with a little creativity, you can cut the cost of having a large yard without sacrificing the beauty it provides.

Here are some great ideas to get you on the way to cutting lawn care costs on a large yard:

Assess whether paying is cheaper – Some people come out cheaper when they have someone do the work for them. You have to budget out what it will take to maintain a large yard and compare it to the rates in your area. Occasionally you will even get lucky and have a youngster in the area who is willing to work for a bit cheaper than a pro. Weigh your options and determine which route is cheaper for you.

Embrace the natural look – When you have a large yard, the easiest ways to cut lawn care costs is to eliminate maintenance areas. A large natural area of pine trees can add lots of character and at the same time cut down your maintenance areas. Perennial flower beds will do the same but you will have to tend them regularly. Natural areas do save money on larger yards.

Plant a garden – Why not let some of that yard earn you some money too? A garden can be cultivated for food that you can use in your own kitchen. While it will still need maintenance, it is also providing you with savings on your grocery bill.

Use mulch for fertilizer – If you have a large yard, investing in a decent mower is vital. Get one that has a mulcher function and you will save tons of cash on fertilizer. The mulch will stay in a thin layer across your lawn and keep it green and growing. Kill two birds with one mower!

Plant perennials – Why pay to replant flowers every single year? If you plant perennials, you will have beauty automatically in your flower beds and no extra cost. Just weed them and move on with more cash in your wallet or purse. Most perennials will last at least two years and some longer if you care for them properly.

Grow up with your lawn – All this means is that you buy seedlings instead of full grown trees and plants. Have you ever priced trees and flowers that are already grown up? The cost is exorbitant. Be thrifty and plant seeds. You can grow up with them and appreciate them even more when you get older. Who knew cutting lawn care costs could be so fun?

What other suggestions do you have for cutting lawn care costs on a large yard?