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Best Over-40 Spring Makeup Trend – Natural Makeup

Here is the best over-40 Spring Makeup Trend...natural makeup. Done correctly, can make you look 10-years younger. Tutorial and resource guide provided.

What? Seriously?

There is a spring makeup trend that every over-40-year-old should wear?

Are you sure?

(Things you are thinking after reading the headline….right?)

The fashion and beauty industry takes it cues from fashion week shows in Milan, Paris, London and New York. And during this year’s spring shows this trend stood out in all cities. Usually these makeup trends are reserved for the young, colorful and adventurous at heart, but these seasons trend is one that anybody can wear – natural makeup.

These understated shades of pale pink and tan are the perfect match for the throwback to the 70s that is everywhere now. Plus the less-in-more philosophy also follows the minimalist trend popular in current lifestyle. Extra bonus? The natural look makes it seem like you aren’t trying too hard (vs the smokey eye trend from a couple of years ago). Don’t the ladies above look amazing!! I bet you’d have a hard time guessing their age.

The bad news? Even through it appears like you aren’t wearing any makeup, it actually takes a bit of skill. The good news? I’ve got a tutorial and product guide to make the job super easy.

Best Over-40 Spring Makeup Trend – Natural Makeup Tutorial

As Coco Chanel said…

A woman who doesn’t use cosmetics has too high opinion of herself.

Unfortunately, not not all women are endowed by nature with a flawless complexion and expressive facial features. But this is no reason to hide it under a thick layer of foundation and makeup of all colors and all textures.

To get the perfect natural makeup look, you need to get your technique down. I really enjoyed (and was thankful) for this tutorial from Beauty & The Boutique.

For me, the two key takeaways were using the “watercolour blush” and having really good skin care.

(If you don’t have a really good skin care program, you can check out my recommend skin care routine for 40-year-olds.)

Watercolour blush isn’t a “normal” thing here in the states, but we do have some options. First, you can order her recommended watercolour blush brand from Amazon. The good news is that it is affordable; the bad news is that the color she talks about isn’t available and it isn’t returnable.

Product Guide to Natural Makeup

Another option is to find a similar products (which is what I did because I love you guys) that are returnable and from a store you trust…Nordstrom.

The first option for blush is the – Perricone MD No Blush Blush SPF 30.

It gets rave reviews and looks to provides the same kind of result as the watercolour blush.

If watercolour scares you, you can always use the easier to find and apply cream stick. I’ve used this Jane Iredale InTouch Stick before and it goes on easily and dries to a nice “touched by pink” natural look. For a more all-in-one-stick, the NARS Multiple Stick in Riviera works for cheeks and lips and also has equally rave reviews.

After you get the blush figured out, it’s time to move on to lip color. I’m a huge FAN of NARS and Tarte Lipsticks for their sheer, natural look. You can’t go wrong with NARS Dolce Vita or the Tarte Amazonia Butter in Nude for a great nude lipstick with just a hint of pink. Finish the look with my favorite lip gloss from Bobbi Brown in either Almost Pink or Rosy.  Almost is pink is very nude, while Rosy gives you a punch of pink.

(All of the above recommendations come from Nordstrom and include free shipping, free returns – regardless if you used it once or twice – and three free samples.)

Now for the eyes…I’m a COVERGIRL devotee when it comes it comes to mascara. I’ve tried SO MANY OTHER BRANDS and I always come back to COVERGIRL for affordability, coverage, and no-smudged-ness. If you need a little volume (aka thickness), I recommend COVERGIRL LastBlast. If you want a more soft look, my recommendation is COVERGIRL Bloom.

(For a little over $5, get both and see what you like.)

Then the one step that NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT … setting spray.

Setting spray is key to a natural makeup look that doesn’t become a no-makeup look by the end of the day.

I got turned on to this Maybelline Masterfix Setting Spray from a friend of mine and I have never looked back. Four quick sprays after you complete your makeup and it sets it for the entire day. Plus, your makeup still washes off easily with cleanser and water.

It’s the perfect end to your natural makeup look.

I’m super excited this trend is “on-point” this season. It allows our inner-beauty to come through, yet provides a great pop of color. Perfect for shorts, sundresses, barbecues and long-summer nights.

Product Resource List

Do you think you will try the “Natural Makeup” look this spring and summer? Leave a comment and let me know.