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BBQ Chicken Sandwich With Easy Slaw

BBQ Chicken Sandwich And Easy Slaw | KansasCityMamas.com

Truth be told, I’m a chicken snob.

Outside of a random chicken nugget or chicken wrap, I use only one part of the chicken in my recipes and only order one kind of chicken from a menu at a restaurant…boneless, skinless chicken breast.

I wish I could say that it is all health reasons. It isn’t.

It is because I have a squeamish fear of bones. So I can’t watch people gnaw on a bone (chicken or cow), nor can I eat it myself.

(Yes, I realize this makes me weird. My family teases me about it on a regular basis. I’m so glad I joined a ranching family.)

I have had a culinary chicken life of boneless, skinless chicken breasts, until now! I found out that my local store sells boneless thigh meat AND they have it on sale on a regular basis. (Happy Day!) So my first order of business was to make these amazing BBQ Chicken Sandwiches with Easy Slaw. While the recipe calls for BBQ Sauce, you can easily use Wing Sauce and Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches as well.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich | KansasCityMamas.com