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365 Days | 365 Items: Decluttering Women’s Shoes


365 Days | 365 Items Challenge

So it’s my first week of the 356 Days | 365 Items Challenge.

And for the next four weeks, I’m focusing on my bedroom.

More specifically, in the closet with my shoes.

Women like shoes. We really like black shoes. And it is important to have multiple pairs for multiple occasions…running errands, picking up kids, dinner out, evening with girlfriends, weddings, funerals, baptism, Maroon 5 concert, etc.

So, with wine glass in hand, I took stock of my shoes.

Here are some things to note…

First, contrary to Hubs belief, I’m not Imelda Marcos.

All-in-all, I probably have less than 20 pairs of shoes, boots, slippers, heels, flats, sandals, etc. And while some may consider that “excessive”, for a clothes-horse as myself, I consider that pretty limited. The rule the Snyder house has always been that if I can fit them on the shoe rack or on one of my closet shelves – I was within my “rights” as a shoe owner. However, if I crossed the line and left shoes on the floor of the closet, it would trigger a response in Hubs (almost automatic…it is a little scary) that I needed to cull the “herd”.

So this week, I culled the “herd” and got rid of seven pairs.


Pair #1: Black Ballerina Flats

These beauties were marketed as a “flip and fold” shoe that could be put into you purse so you could wear them after your “killer heels” have put a hurt on your feet. You want to know the last time this occurred…1994. Bridesmaid. Awful shoes. Plus they were the cheapest form of pleather. TRASH.



Pair #2: Black Call-Girl Shoes

I’m not sure why I bought these. I think I may have been having a day. A day where I was feeling like an overtired mom who constantly had spit up on her shirt and less of a women. I wore them a couple of times, and they were comfortable. But as a 5′ 9″ women rocking four inch heels, you start to look like an Amazon Women and less like a hot mama. Did I also mention my husband is 5′ 8″? Yeah, people snickered. DONATE.



Pair #3: Brown Call-Girl Shoes

So my day must have been really rough, because I bought two pairs to make sure they went with anything. DONATE.



Pair #4: Brown Gladiator Sandals

I bought these in the beginning of the gladiator sandal trend. They were cheap. And we were broke and I wanted to be trendy. They are cute, but so uncomfortable. They are made from some fake-suede materials that has no give, but plenty of rub. Like makes a blister every time I wear them. DONATE.



Pair #5: Grey Flannel Studded Flats

I bought these online. Again, they are wicked cute, but so uncomfortable. I swear they are made from plywood because they have no give at all and just end up making my feet hurt…which is the exact OPPOSITE point of wearing flats. If I wanted uncomfortable, I’d wear the call-girl heels. DONATE.



Pair #6: Black Clark Sandals

I love these sandals. Love them. They are broken in, comfortable, and I have walked many a mile at shopping malls, amusement parks, DeAnna Rose, and other kid-friendly places. But they are spent. They have served their purpose and it is time they were retired. I’m a little sad. And hoping I can find a replacement pair via the Internet. Goodbye dear friend…you will be missed. TRASH.



Pair #7: Gold Sperrys

This pair probably hurts the worst. I bought them two years ago at the start of the Sperry trend. I knew they would look so cute with shorts and capris. And they did. I just couldn’t wear them for any length of time because I would get a blister. I tried everything to make the spot that rubs disappear…no luck. I thought long and hard about keeping them, because I paid full price for them, and they are still current. But I know better. I’ll never wear them because they hurt my feet…so it is time for them to go. GIVEAWAY.

And here is what I learned.

  1. If it didn’t fit or feel comfortable at the store, there was no amount of “breaking in” that made them feel any better at home. That shoe salesman at Nordie’s lied to me…those Gold Sperry’s didn’t feel any better after six wearings than they did at the store. 
  2. Cheap shoes suck. (Except for flip-flops because they are disposable.) Out of the seven pairs of shoes, four of them were cheap shoes. And even though I got them on sale, I still didn’t wear them. I would have been better off saving the money on the four pairs and buying a pair of amazing Cole Haans.
  3. At some point you have to let LOVED shoes go, otherwise you look like a bag lady. I loved those Clarks. They were so comfortable. But they had passed the point of looking good, and now just look “road hard, put up wet”. So it is time to say goodbye. And find a replacement…because that is what Google is for…finding a new pair in the exact same style.

So how did you do? What things did you let go this week? Do you have any extra space? Does it feel good?

You can see all past posts on the 365 Days | 365 Items Challenge. Image credit: ronstik / 123RF Stock Photo