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365 Days | 365 Items : Decluttering Women’s Closet


365 Days | 365 Items Challenge

This week it was all about clothes.

Specifically, my clothes.

Jeans. Dresses. Shirts. Sweaters. Shorts. Etc.

I am not sure why God does this, but it seems like for each season of your life you either gain or lose 5 lbs. (Usually gain…)

So it becomes “necessary” to have multiple sizes of the same article of clothing.

For example, “skinny jeans”,  “everyday jeans”,  “PMS jeans” and “I need to quit eating Christmas Cookies jeans”.

It’s a little ridiculous, if you think about it.

So during my purge this week, I got rid of some of the duplication and committed to the idea that that if my “everyday jeans” started to feel too tight…I needed to lay off the dark chocolate covered almonds and eat some carrots.

I also realized that I kept many items for a future event that would probably never happen. You know, like receiving a last minute ticket to a black tie formal so I can wear my dress that I have been keeping for 10 years (never mind that if I was invited to an event like that, I would TOTALLY go out and purchase a new dress).

And the probability of the formal event happening is the same as if Ryan Gosling asked me…

Here are casualties and the some interesting stories.

Banana-Republic-Jeans Coldwater-Creek-Jeans

The Jeans

The first pair of jeans are Banana Republic and were purchased in my “really, really skinny” stage about five years ago. If I’m honest with myself, the only reason I bought them is for the size (the number 2). They didn’t fit well when I bought them because the inseam was too short, so they rode “up” in the back. (You know what I’m talking about.) I think I kept them around because I wanted to remember when I was that tiny.

The second pair are from Coldwater Creek and I received them at a blogger event. I’ve never liked them. They just fit me weird. But I felt bad about getting them for free and never wearing them…so they lived in my dresser for a year. Time to give both pairs to someone else who will get use out of them.


Red-Shirt Brown-Sweater Bon-Jovi-Concert-Shirt Black-Sequin-Shirt Black-Gap-Sweater

The Shirts

The red shirt and tan sweater are casualties of “I need something to wear under {insert BLANK}” and never looked quite right because I didn’t have {insert BLANK} with me at the store. Note to self: When purchasing multiple items for a look…make sure you have multiple items together.

The Bon Jovi Concert Shirt was purchased at a thrift store several years ago. It’s just too small. No matter how much I stretch it or hang dry it…it just won’t fit around my D cup boobs. And it is a shame…because it is an AWESOME t-shirt.

The Black Patterned Shirt was purchased when I was feeling FAT after the holidays (blogging and Christmas Cookies will do that) and none of my shirts were fitting right. So it was an impulse purchase. In the end, it is just cut wrong for my body. It ends up looking like a black tent instead of a free-flowing shirt.

And finally, the black sweater was suppose to be a replacement for my “little black lightweight” sweater. It was cheap (like super clearance), but it just never hung right. So, I’m donating it and off to the drawing board to find another one.



The Jean Jacket

I purchased this jacket in London, England during my first (and only) overseas trip. I’ve owned it for close to 12 years. There is nothing wrong with it except it is too big on me. Like 25 lbs too big. And while I could have it tailored…it wouldn’t look right. (Jean Jackets are not meant to be tailored…they are meant to be broken in…on the back of a motorcycle….I digress.) So it is being donated. Sniff.


The Formal Dress

This dress probably has the most interesting story. It was bought a formal event in Chicago when I worked with McDonald’s. ABC was broadcasting a big “World Children’s Day Event with David Foster” that was sponsored by Mickey D’s. (David Foster is the same guy that is now on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and is married to Yolanda. Not that watch that show or anything…)

Anyway, the event had performances from Celine Dion, Nick Carter, Enrique Iglesias, and this young kid from Canada named Michael Buble. (I fell in love instantly. Came home and bought Michael’s first CD.) Things I learned that night…television is not what it seems. Nick Carter had to do his routine six times because his jacket kept getting caught in his glove. And a two-hour event takes six-hours to tape. And there was no concessions at the event.

I “decluttered” 9 items in total. And here is what I learned.

  1. It’s okay to keep some clothes because they invoke really good memories. I have a pair of leather pants that no longer fit and haven’t been worn in 15 years. And I kept them. I had a REALLY good night in them when I was in my 20s and every time I look at them it makes me smile. That’s worth some shelf space.
  2. Spend more money. Keep quality pieces. Good lord, I feel like a broken record on this one. I think I’ve said it every week…but it is true. Quality pieces that are well made cost more, but get worn more. I think this one will be etched in my brain for awhile.
  3. If it hasn’t fit in a year…it mostly like won’t in another year. Even if I gain/lose weight…age causes it to “add/subtract” to different parts of my body. If I lose 10 lbs, I doubt the jeans I got rid of will fit right. Gravity is mean. Move on. Donate.

So how did you do? What things did you let go this week? What are you doing with all of your unwanted items?

The 365 Day Challenge is getting rid of one item per day over the next year to declutter your house and your life. You can see all past posts on the 365 Days | 365 Items Challenge.

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