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3 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your BFF Under $50

Truth be told. I’ve always hated Valentine’s Day. I never really had a “boyfriend”, so it always felt like a holiday “to make single women feel cruddy”.

And then tides turned my freshman year of college, because I met my best friend, Sharon, and we became each other’s “better half”. So much so, that each year for Valentine’s Day we’d send cards to one another through the mail (even though we were roommates) and bought each other awesome Valentine’s Gifts.

Those are my favorite Valentine’s Gifts ever. (Don’t tell my husband.)

They were thought out and bought by someone I loved, were usually PERFECT, and there was no mushy-romance that had to go along with it.

So if you are single this year (or even if you aren’t) and have a BFF who is your “better half”, here are three Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your BFF under $50.

3 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your BFF Under $50

Workout Valentines Day Gift

1. You Keep Me Motivated Workout Gift.

If your BFF likes to workout, there is nothing better than getting new workout clothes for the gym.

Because let’s be honest, no one enjoys buying new workout clothes (it’s like buying new bras or underwear), but everyone likes having them. And who doesn’t like getting things that remind them they are FEMININE and FIERCE.

Pictured above:


2. You Need to Organize Your Purse and Your Life Gift.

If you BFF’s purse looks like a demilitarized zone of tissues, gum, broken toy bits and small pieces of paper, she might need an “organize your life” intervention. Get her a double duty wallet that can hold cash, credit cards, a small notepad, her phone and more, while also looking good enough to double as a small clutch if she wants a night out on the town.

I love this wallet’s BRIGHT PINK color because A) you’ll never miss finding it in your purse and B) it can truly hold everything and the kitchen sink.


3. Let’s Eat Cake and Put On Makeup Gift.

Two of my favorite things to do with my BFF is get ready together before a night out on the town AND spend an hour (or three) at department stores and drugstores checking out the newest makeup trends and products. This Valentine’s Day gift is the best of both worlds, plus there is cake!

And seriously, the new Vaseline® Lip Therapy® Rosy Lips is the bomb. I’ve been a fan of tinted lip balm for many years, but this new product deeply moisturizes to produce soft, rose-tinted lips without an overpowering scent. Just a hint of rose/vanilla/red berry. And it is old-school Vaseline!!

And if you want to pimp your ride a little bit, you can get limited-edition jars adorned with a crystal heart lid for $45 at Kitson and ShopKitson.com.



Too much, bling? No worries. You can get your pout ready for Valentine’s Day with un-blinged Vaseline® Lip Therapy® Rosy Lips for only $2.29 at most big box stores.

So what do you think?  How can you make the day special for your “better-half” even if you aren’t married to them? What will give your BFF this Valentine’s Day? Leave a comment and let me know.

Disclosure: Vaseline sponsored this blog post. However, the opinions, pictures, and thoughts are my own. And I’ve already moved that jeweled-case beauty into my purse. Want more information – check out my full  full disclosure statement.