Apple Dumplings

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The purpose of What’s For Dinner? is to provide you a recipe with items on sale this week, with no more than 10 ingredients (not including pantry items), and coming in at under $10 per meal.

So all that stuff above – on sale….ingredients…$10…..


Sometimes you taste something SO yummy that you just throw all your frugal caution to the wind and buy all the ingredients – because you need to have it NOW.

And I tasted that something yesterday.

I was at my Building Better Moms meeting (which is like MOPS except that half the mom’s don’t have pre-schoolers and half the meeting is about eating really good food) yesterday and my friend Meredith, who is also a loyal reader, made the best-apple-dumpling-dish-I-have-ever-eaten in my entire life.

And then when she told me the ingredient – it has Mountain Dew in it.

And something this yummy and with freaky weird ingredients deserves to be made right away.

So I’m sharing the recipe with all you – so that you can fall off the frugal (and diet) wagon with me with this dessert.

Warning: If you have never been on Pioneer Woman’s site – you might want to make sure you have a cup of coffee and two hours to spare before you click on the link.  Her site is seriously that addictive.

What about you? Ever throw caution to the wind and make a dish WITHOUT coupons? Share it with us via the comments or on the Kansas City Mamas Facebook Page.

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  1. Meredith says

    Love it Kelly! I’m making another batch for the family – gotta finish off that 2-ltr bottle of Mountain Dew!

  2. Kelly Garza says

    Wow, and double WOW! This WAS good! I don’t even want to know the calories – 2 sticks of butter – that recipe would make Paula Deen very proud! Thanks for sharing – this one is going into the 3 ring binder of recipes to pass on to the kiddo’s~!

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