What To Buy At Aldi : Kelly’s Top 20

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Top 20 Items To Buy At ALDI

Earlier this week I talked about How To Shop at Aldi and why I think ALDI rocks.

Now, I’m going to give you my Top 20 items to Buy at ALDI.

But before I get to that, there are a couple of things I need to point out.

  • ALDI doesn’t take coupons. So the price is the price. Period.
  • If it isn’t an ALDI store brand, you are better off buying it at a grocery store with a coupon.
  • Not everything at ALDI is a deal. This is why a price book and knowing your prices is important. It’s possible to overspend at ALDI too.
  • Prices are representative of Summer 2012. Sometimes they go up and sometimes they go down.
  • Some of the items I’ve listed may be cheaper in a grocery store, but I because I think the quality is better at ALDI, I’ll pay extra.
  • I haven’t tried every item in ALDI. So I may not have listed your favorite item. The list below is what I buy month-in-and-month-out at ALDI.

Kelly’s Top 20 Items To Buy At ALDI

1. Pretzels ($1.30ish). I only purchase two kinds of pretzels Rold Gold and ALDI brand. They are crisp with the right amount of salt to bread flavor.

2. Tortilla Chips ($1.20). Again, I buy these and Snyder’s Grande. I think their taste is awesome.

3. Cheesey Puffs and Curls ($1.00). These have a little different cheese flavor than Cheetos, but they are also 60% of the retail price.

4. Graham Crackers ($1.50). I buy these and Honey Maid. Unfortunately, Honey Maid is never on sale or has a coupon..and at $1.50 a box, we eat them as a snack all of the time.

5. Saltine Crackers ($1.00). I only buy these and Zesta crackers and ALDI is consistently 60% less than Zesta’s retail price.

6. Flour – 5 lbs ($1.50). Flour can be cheaper at the grocery stores during holiday seasons, but if I’m in a pinch this is my go-to place.

7. Shortening – 3 lbs ($3.50). We use shortening is several recipes and for greasing baking pans…this tub allows us to never be without.

8. Spices ($1.00). It’s a limited selection, but is great for oregano, cumin, paprika, basil, garlic salt, etc.

9. Milk – Gallon ($2.00). Milk has been on sale (in Kansas) for $2.00 for the last year. Which is almost $2.00 less than the grocery stores.

10. Produce ($1.00 per pound). Everything from bananas to potatoes to watermelon to strawberries to carrots to garlic can be found at ALDI.

11. Bread ($1.00 – $1.70) Wheat Sandwich Bread is $1.00 and Whole Wheat Bread is $1.70…even Costco can’t compete with those prices.

12. Buns ($1.00) White Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns are always this price and freeze really well.

13. Garden Salad Mix ($1.00). Great way to ensure you will always have a salad on hand.

14. Dried White Northern Beans – 2 lbs ($2.30). You won’t find a better quality bean for $1.15 per pound anywhere.

15. Dried Pinto Beans – 2 lbs ($2.00). You won’t find a better pinto bean for $1.00 per pound anywhere.

16. Flour Tortillas – 10 count ($1.00). I love these tortillas. They can hold a whole taco and enchilada, but aren’t too thick.

17. Corn Tortillas – 30 count ($1.20). Again a great corn tortilla and make wonderful tostados.

18. Dry Ranch Mix ($.70). Just like Hidden Valley for 50% less.

19. Onion Soup Mix ($.80). Just like Lipton for 50% less.

20. Gravy Mix ($.35). Just like McCormicks for 60% less.

Now it is your turn? What are some of your favorite items to buy at ALDI? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. Adrian says

    I’d add butter. The price is one of the lowest I’ve seen. Great if you have holiday baking coming up and need a lot. Great list. Thanks!

  2. Jamie Alan says

    This is so helpful thank you!!!!!!!! I also love their rice cakes. Sometimes you can get the quaker ones cheaper, but I feel like the coupons for the quaker rice quakes don’t come around with a sale too often. Maybe 2x a year.

  3. Gale says

    Avocados!! Always much less expensive than typical grocery stores. Usually have to let them ripen for a couple of days though.

  4. Kim says

    Our store here in Leavenworth, has bread white for $0.89 a loaf and whole wheat for $0.99 a loaf. A large tub of butter is only $1.89 and bananas go for only $0,44 a pound.. LOVE ALDI’s..

  5. Becky says

    I second the butter, we also routinely buy sour cream ($.99) at Aldi, and, blocks of cheese ($1.29-$1.79) if you can’t get it cheaper on sale, I make homemade lunchables for my son and block cheese is a must. My son loves Goldfish, but Aldi has “Sharks” ($1.29) and I honestly think they taste better. Before we switched to a Paleo diet my husband loved the cheese dip (about $2.29) like Tostitos cheese dip and it was always cheaper. We used to buy the Jambalaya ($.99) there because Zatarains is at least $1 more. I usually get our cat litter there, along with ziploc type bags. Recently they have made Lifeway Kefir a staple item which we love.

  6. Carrie says

    We love their Kirkland Chicken Fries and animal shaped chicken nuggets. They cost less than the Banquet and Tyson nuggets you can buy at Walmart, and they taste wonderful. We live 90 miles away from the neareast Aldi’s, and I just sent my husband to Salina today because I am tired of buying inferior tasting nuggets at Walmart.

    • FrugalEngineer says

      I’ll do you one better on your 90 miles. My sister will fly to KC from the mountains above Denver to visit us and will get giddy about an Aldi’s trip to take back seasoning packets and mixes in her suitcase. 50 cents for chili/taco/spag seasoning packets. We can do better on sale occaissionally (ok, taco kinda regularly) but she can’t with her stores available. That’s quite a commute for Aldi’s loyalty.

  7. Liz says

    We buy diapers there. They have the elastic in the back and they are $4.99 a pack. We also get their spaghettios and ravioli. The kids love them and they are super cheap!

  8. Vivian says

    I buy the frozen Angus beef burger patties …. really GOOD!
    Aldi brand [Mills Farm? Something like that] sweet and salty granola bars with peanuts or almonds.
    Cereal is a good buy and the Aldi brand tastes great.
    Deluxe American cheese slices are a great value.
    Potato chips, tortilla chips, etc are wonderful.
    Self-rising frozen pizza is the best I’ve ever had … usually 3.99 for a large one.

    • says

      Their mashed potato flakes are gluten free, as is the brown rice, the unsalted butter and sour cream. You have to dig a bit, but you can find alot there that is gluten free, and it saves you a ton of money!

  9. says

    Their flour tortillas, any of the canned tomato products, the pasta, their sour cream, their cheese, their salad mix, and all the fresh produce. I LOVE their unsalted butter, and we eat that on our toast. I love their whole wheat bread (that is also HFCS free!), and it’s such a low price! Their frozen chicken and ground turkey are a major staple for us! I love the fact that it doesn’t change, so I can plan my shopping trip by what I can get at Aldi, vs where else I have to go. I know that I can get over 80% of my list, if not more, at Aldi, and save so much money!

  10. Lisa says

    My kids love the Aldi french toast sticks and I tried their ice cream cones last week and they were great!! I”m always hesitant to try new things there because if no one at my house will eat them it’s not really a bargain. Thanks for your list though, I will have to try some more things on my next trip.

  11. Sarah E says

    My husband has a severe gluten allergy and Aldi’s does a great job of labeling their products with allergy information. We buy most of our produce from there. The tortilla chips are some of the best and gluten free. Our kids love the sharks and fruit snacks. We also buy all of our butter there as well. Thanks for the series on Aldi.

  12. says

    I too LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Aldi!

    I must first say that our family does not eat artificial colors, flavors, preservatives (i.e.BHT, BHA, TBHQ) artificial sweetners (i.e.sucralose, splenda) and we are a super reduced wheat family.

    Instant brown rice (when they have it-bought a case last time I was there)
    Half n Half
    Heavy Cream (seasonal item)
    Lifeway Keifer (hands down $1 less than everywhere else)
    All Natural Ice Cream!!! YAAAAHOOOOO!!!
    Frozen fruit
    Milk choc peanut butter cup!!! BLOWS everything else OUT of the water!!
    Schogetten-Dark choc bars-SUPER great price(hard to find Q’s n sale on all natural ones)
    Schogetten-Milk choc bar
    Mint chews(like Mentos)
    Kettle Chips

  13. Lizzie says

    Sour Cream
    Greek Yogurt (.89) if I don’t have coupons or sales
    Hummus is good for the price!
    Friendly Farm cheese twists (orange and white cheese)
    Large Cinnamon Rolls – not as good of a price as Pillsbury sale with Q, but they taste a hell of a lot better
    Chili Seasoning
    Brown Gravy – add this to a cup of cold water and pour over a roast in a slow cooker – excellent
    Canned Black Beans
    Their version of Rotel – I like it better
    Taco Seasoning – .39 and is very close to Taco Bell
    Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips – less “dust” and less intense flavor that we prefer them to Doritos
    Four packs of Mandarin Oranges – @ $1.59 everyday they’re better priced most times even with a sale.
    Brownie mix – really good!
    Chocolate chips are good, but tend to have a lower melting point than Nestle
    Pancake mix – really good!
    Brown Sugar
    Pan Spray
    Avocados are good and cheap, too! Just set them on the counter and they ripen nicely, then in the fridge they go.

    Things I absolutely will not buy:

    Vanilla – tastes funny. Yuck!
    Cereal – can get it cheaper with sale and coupons
    Frozen beef tube – had a bunch of connective tissue in it – not very good quality
    Frozen pretzels – ugh. NASTY

    Things of note: The baggies that the bread come in aren’t very strong and I find it dries out faster than, say, Sara Lee.
    The Leavenworth, KS store has better milk prices than the KCMO stores.

    Love Aldi! It’s my “needs” store where I can get things I really need that aren’t on sale. I only get to go about one to two times a month, but I can stock up on my favorite things for around $60. Some of these items I don’t stockpile because I use them infrequently enough to save money using Aldi brands.

  14. KeJoJo says

    I haven’t ever tried their saltine crackers, but I will now. I am a Zesta brand lover myself but switched to Kroger brand low-fat saltines from Dillons because they were similar to Zesta.

    Thanks for this list of your favorite items, and thanks to the other commenters too! It is so hard to keep my grocery bill down.

  15. Tracy C. says

    I loved your list of reasons to shop at Aldi! It is definitely my go-to when I am in a couponing rut.

    I agree, there are definitely things to buy and not buy at Aldi. I think your list covers most everything, although I would say their spices are mediocre at best (#8) and most of their bread (#11) has fillers like cellulose and high fructose corn syrup, so I am not a fan. I would agree with the other commentators that sour cream and spreadable tub butter are good prices there. Also, their egg whites (in a pint carton), baking soda, and seasonal flowers (like mums). I definitely have a list of things I don’t buy at Aldi: stick butter, block cheese, and dried fruit, all of which can be found for cheaper.

    Great post, Kelly!

  16. says

    I hardly by bananas at Aldi, because they never seem to ripen right when I but them there. I spend just a little more and buy perfect ones from HyVee. Things we do like…
    -frozen corn
    -chicken nuggests, at only $3.99 per bag and better tasting then other name brands.
    -fish sticks, again $3.99 per box
    -I LOVE LOVE LOVE their Southwestern fresh Salsa that is in the case by the produce. I have tried other brands from Hyvee that cost $4 + a tub, but this is by far my favorite for $1.99.
    -Roasted Red Pepper Hummus is also great, again, $1.99 and so good with the Savorite (sp??) triscute type crackers.
    -Whipped cream cheese, I think I paid $1.49 for the 8oz tub.
    I buy almost all of my produce there and love it. I always buy multiple packages or strawberries, wash some of the fridge and freeze some for smoothies, same with blueberries.

  17. Jennifer says

    With 5 kids I am in Aldi’s every week to stock up on milk and produce. The kids love their granola bars and frozen cheese ravioli. I love that I can make dinner in less than 10 minutes on ravioli night. The ravioli cooks in 2-3 min after the water boils. I add some spaghetti sauce, a salad, fruit and milk and we’re good to go. Their brownie mix is better than the name brand. I get compliments every time I make them.

  18. says

    I buy all of my baking supplies there around the holidays. At a regular grocery store condensed milk is over $2.00 but at Aldi’s it is $1.15 and the quality is great!

  19. jennifer whittle says

    I buy canned tuna…59 cents a can and tastes as good as name brand..also ice cream and mac and cheese..unless kraft has a good sale

  20. Jennifer says

    Salad Dressing at $2.00 a bottle might seem pricey but it is as good as high end specialty brands at the regular grocery stores, and Half and Half.

  21. Laura says

    Great article! I am going to try out some of the items everyone likes! I really enjoy Aldi, but I never do like their bread or buns…always seem dry to me. I need to go back this week for the strawberries (.99) – they have been great recently!

    • Kim says

      You might want to change the day you go to Aldi. I try to go on the day they replenish bread on the shelves. I find that later in the week or weekend, sometimes there’s not as much to choose from and it might be older. Just a thought.

  22. Jessica says

    are Aldi prices supposed to be consistent from store-to-store? I shop the one in Lawrence about every other week and milk is $2.88. Cheaper than my local small-town store, but a bit more than when Dillons does 1/2 gal on sale 4/$5.

  23. Hillmon says

    I like to buy the chicken nuggets for my son, they have animal shaped chicken nuggets, $4. They also have great ice cream, and the juice is GOOD!
    Orange juice is $2.47 I think, tastes better than the brand names.
    I also get my sons gummy vitamins there. They are animal shaped (he loves)..they are $4. Other stores charge $6-7.

  24. Jordan's Mama says

    Thanks for letting people know about Aldi’s. It’s actually run by the same group as Trader Joe’s and does carry some organic things too. A great thing to do is go to T.J. then Aldi’s and compare–many things are exactly the same even packaging is very similar (except price of course). Aldi is actually a luxury supermarket in Europe-LoL. Favs for us are Olive oil, nuts, chocolate, baking stuff, snacks!

  25. Karin says

    Thanks for the comments everyone!
    I would also say,
    Peanut Butter
    Take n Bake Pizza
    Chocolate Almond Milk (Friendly Farms)
    Danishes (cheese yes, carmel eh)
    Produce (line container with paper towels to
    delay spoilage)

    Cottage Cheese
    Macaroni Salad
    Potato Salad (all were disgusting!!!)

  26. kellee Lehman says

    the cleansing creAM IS JUST AS GOOD AS ANY EXPENSIVE KIND IN THE STORE AND MUCH CHEAper. my daughter loves the day and night mortizer also.

  27. Anne Edmondson says

    Eggs, bacon, woven wheat crackers (like Triscuits), bagels ($.89), most of my produce, bread ($.89), buns ($.89), milk and much more. Nice thing is, I drive a little ways to go there now but in a few months there will be a new store closer to where I live in NH.

  28. Becky says

    Greek yogurt from Aldi’s…I use greek yogurt a lot for baking and eating mixed with pnut better and chocolate as an ice cream substitute…..It’s always at least $4 or up anywhere else….unless it is on sale at pick n save for 2/$6, then its $3….otherwise I think $3.69 as an every day price at aldi’s is a pretty good deal on greek yogurt…oh, and orange juice too…..1.99 at aldis and 2.59 or up anywhere else.

  29. Becky says

    oh and one more thing…..FIG NEWTONS! 89 cents….all the time! my kids love them and i pack them in my husbands lunch for a snack….can’t be an 89 cent snack :)

  30. Kim says

    Cake mix and brownie mix. I make my family’s birthday cakes and treats using Aldi mixes. I sometimes dress them up with additional extracts or coloring, but they taste better and bake better than other store-bought mixes. Many times people have asked for my secret on my delicious chocolate cake. I never tell.

  31. Diana holler says

    I buy the cranberry almond chicken salad, it’s great! The savoritz crackers taste just like a ritz. I buy all dairy at Aldis. The pork chops are really good always fresh and moist after they are cooked. Spices, produce, oranges $1.59 for 8 oranges, never dried out like the ones I pay a dollar for a single orange at our local grocer. I find more and more every time I go. It’s worth a try!!!!

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