Thirsty Thursday: 2010 Arca Nova Vinho Verde

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Thirsty Thursday is the quest to drink good, cheap wine that is $15.00 and under. Want some more recommendations? Check out the past cheap wine posts on Thirsty Thursday.

Spring is coming.

(Or maybe winter never arrived.)

Regardless, as the weather starts to become warmer it provides a good excuse to move from red wine to white wines.

And my new favorite “it’s almost Spring wine” is the 2010 Arca Nova Vinho Verde from Portugal.

(Portugal? They make wine?)

Why, yes. They do.

More trivia? Vihno Verde is a Portuguese classic (known as the early picked or green wine).

And really the green bottle is just a pre-cursor to this light, crisp and citrus-full wine. (Think Pinot Grigio – only more subtle.)

First, the cork is a little strange. It resembles a cork from sparkling wine and you will notice once you open the wine there is a bit of “fizz” about it. (Not crazy fizz like sparking wine, but slight fizz, like party in the bottle.)

The 2010 Arca Nova Vinho Verde is a light bodied and dry wine that exhibits hints of grapefruit and pear and finishes with tastes of  green apple and peach. Unlike several other wines I review, this wine is not meant to be stored for any length of time and is not a food wine.

However, since it has a low alcohol level (only 11%), it can be enjoyed without worry on a sunny day in the backyard, on the deck, or screened porch.

Is this the most complex wine you will drink? Nope.

However, every now and again it is nice to not have to “think” about a wine while drinking it and instead just enjoy the day around you.

Don’t forget to use the Thirsty Thursday Wine List when creating your wine shopping list.

Note: This wine should be available at most liquor outlets. Please be responsible when you drink wine – and never drive drunk…seriously, that is just stupid in this day in age.

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