Thirsty Thursday: 2008 Black Box Merlot

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Sometimes box wine is my therapy.

Did I mention that my kids get out of school in less than two weeks?

And today they were arguing about if DD could bark like a dog or not for fifteen minutes.

So if you are like me and need a Mama’s Little Helper in the pantry (preferably one with a lock on the door), check out 2008 Black Box Merlot.

This wine is 81% Merlot, 14% Syrah, and 4% Petite Syrah.

This inky dark wine has a nose that displays a cinnamon-oaky-leather aroma, followed by a medium weight wine with lots of flavors of ripe plums and currants and finishes with subtle tannins. In all honesty, I wouldn’t pair this with food, but would drink it on its own.

And for those of you who are purists, I wouldn’t call this a Merlot, but a Red Blend.

The Black Box Merlot is a little on the sweeter side and doesn’t have as much structure as a true Merlot. However, with that being said, this wine in a box equates to $6.00 a bottle. It does what it needs to do – taste good at an affordable price.

And it fits in the pantry. And you can’t see how much is gone day-to-day because it is in a black box. And that makes it WAY cheaper than therapy.

Don’t forget to use the Thirsty Thursday Wine List when creating your wine shopping list.

Note: This wine should be available at most liquor outlets. Please be responsible when you drink wine – and never drive drunk…seriously, that is just stupid in this day in age.

Thirsty Thursday is the quest to drink good, cheap wine that is $15.00 and under. Want some more recommendations? Check out the past cheap wine posts on Thirsty Thursday.

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  1. Laura says

    That is exactly why I love boxed wine …. the little 1/4 glasses you keep adding never really make you feel guilty since you can’t see how much is gone! Ha! I have enjoyed Black Box since trying it — the Cabernet is good too!

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