Thankful Ideas for Kansas City

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November is definitely the month to reflect on our blessings– appreciating that we live in a country that affords us many freedoms, offering respect and remembrance for those who have served and protected us, and being thankful for our families and friends.

This week, I thought I would put together a list of great Kansas City places to visit that can help connect our kids to the history of our country and also show them why we should be thankful this month.

Liberty Memorial & WWI Museum

Just for the record, we are home to THE WWI Museum – yep, the only one in the country.  This is a wonderful place to visit during the month of November.  There are some amazing hands-on exhibits for kids and adults to explore; many will help you to better understand what soldiers had to endure during the war.  Be thankful for our military and those who have given their life for us.

Lanesfield School

Kids will enjoy traveling back in time to this one-room schoolhouse.  They will be thankful that they have indoor plumbing, that they don’t need to “walk 3 miles to school in the winter” and that they receive a good education and can choose their future.  And those with siblings will be thankful that they don’t have to spend the whole day in the same classroom as their brother or sister.

Harry Truman Library & Museum

Kansas City is lucky to be home to one of only 13 Presidential Libraries in the country!  Visitors to the Harry Truman Library will experience what it was like to be president, along with what life was like in this country during the 1940s.  There are some fun hands-on exhibits for kids, along with a great replica of the Oval Office during Truman’s term.  And as an added bonus, you can also view a model of the Liberty Bell which is housed on the museum grounds.  It’s easy to see why we should be thankful for the many freedoms we have in this country.

Native Hoofed Animal Enclosure

I’m sure you think this is an odd location to include on the list but being able to see a herd of bison up close should remind us of what our country looked like in its original state — before highways and buildings, during a time when native animals could roam free.  We should be thankful that there are still beautiful, undeveloped spaces around us that we can enjoy.

Your Home

So many days, we rush through life without really stopping to appreciate all that we have around us.  For many of us, it includes a roof over our heads, warm beds to sleep in, food to eat and people who support us.  Take some time this month to talk to your kids about reflecting on their blessings.  You may want to start a Family Conversation Jar with this free printable — each day, choose one of the words and discuss how the word applies to something that happened that day.  Many of the words are related to this season of giving and thankfulness.

This post is by my friend Jacquie Fisher who is the author and curator of KCEdventures. KC Edventures is an online resource that provides parents & grandparents with ideas to keep kids creative, curious and connected to the world around them. (In my speak, they give you ideas that combine hands-on, with books, and places to go in Kansas City.)

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