PRO Beauty Tools Professional Lightweight Hair Dryer Review

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I have fine hair.

Let me rephrase, I have really fine hair.

And I have a “bigger hair, closer to God” philosophy.

So blow-drying and curling my hair with the right tools is VERY IMPORTANT.

Did you sense me stressing those words? Seriously, not having my particular brand hair dryer or curling iron means guaranteed bad hair day.

And I’m loyal when it comes to my hair tools. I’ve been a Conair Hair Dryer Girl since high school when my “bigger hair, closer to God” philosophy started. They were cheap, realiable, and did the job I needed.

And by “job” I mean not too hot, not too cool, and just the right amount of air on high or low – see I’m very particular. Can anyone relate?

And I would have gone along in my stead-eddy Conair Dryer uneducated bliss had it not been for a hotel, me forgetting my hair dryer, and the Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer technology.

Let’s put it this way. Had I not been charged $150.00 for stealing the hotel’s hair dryer, it would have been in my bag in 30 seconds. My hair had never looked or felt so good as it did after using their Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer.

So I was on a quest. A quest to find a good Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer that didn’t cost over $30.00 and I was fortunate enough to find the PRO Beauty Tools Professional Lightweight Hair Dryer.

What makes this hair dryer different than most inexpensive hair dryers is the tourmaline technology which allows for fast drying heat with maximum shine and softness, coupled with the ionic technology that reduces frizz and add volume. So for me and my particular hair type – it was a win-win.

(See above about my ultra fine hair and big hair philosophy.)

The result. Having some of the best hair days of my life without doing anything different other than changing my hair dryer. Seriously? Why did I wait so long?

And because it is under $30.00, having a great blow dry experience is accessible to anyone.

Check out the PRO Beauty Tools Professional Lightweight Hair Dryer and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear if anyone else has a “bigger hair, closer to God” philosophy.

Disclaimer: KCM received a PRO Beauty Tools Professional Lightweight Hair Dryer for her review, but no additional compensation. The opinions about my “bigger hair” and my need for specific hair care tools are entirely my own.

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  1. Monique says

    thank you for the info, I use another good one , it’s the karmin g3 hair dryer, which dries the hair fast and leaves it soft and smooth. 😀

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