Inexpensive Romantic Ideas for Under Twenty Bucks

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Inexpensive Romantic Ideas for Under $20 |

There is a certain percentage of people out there who would consider “inexpensive romantic ideas” to be an oxymoron, and I get that. We should be willing to splurge on our significant others. (or ourselves for that matter…) Still, the ability to be romantic while saving cash is a skill that comes in handy.

There are certain times in our lives when spending a grand on a new {insert whatever} is out of the question. And to be honest, in most cases it isn’t the gift itself, but the thought that counts. (Remember, I said thought.) For those of us who are not able to give the moon, here are some inexpensive romantic ideas that will cost less than a twenty spot.

Inexpensive Romantic Ideas for Under Twenty Bucks

Find some water and a blanket – If your local weather allows, sitting by a lake is always romantic. Nobody can resist the view of a river, lake or pond and a wonderful bottle of wine. Lay out a blanket and hold one another against a back-drop of trickling streams or glass-surfaced lake. Do remember to bring the bug-spray. Sitting close to the water will also bring tons of insects (and possibly an alligator in some areas) so make sure you sit back from the water a ways.

Take a hike to a beautiful spot – Nature has a way of bringing out the best in us romantically and hiking is a perfect example. You can get in some exercise and still experience an awesome romantic payoff at the top of a mountain, edge of a raging river or open field of flowers. Find a great spot and make it your own for regular visits.

Set up a home movie session – Movies can be sneaky romantic if you pick the right ones, and ambiance is the key. The movies are up to you because that sort of thing is personal choice, but the ambiance is easy to get right. Use the dimmer on the lights or candles and make a slumber party bed on the floor in front of the big screen. Cut up some strawberries, mango and cherries and a bowl of whipped cream. Have a couple of drinks ready when your significant other comes home and you are set for the night.

Cook a sexy meal together – Can food be sexy? Absolutely! If you want some inexpensive romantic ideas that taste great, start with any of the following:

  • Oysters
  • Strawberries
  • Grapes
  • Chocolate
  • Wine
  • Soup on a cold night
  • Chili on a cold night (possibly embarrassing later, though)
  • Breakfast foods in your pajamas

All of these foods can be incredibly romantic and particularly when you prepare them together as a couple.

Finding inexpensive date ideas is really not that tough if you are willing to think like a romantic. Even your day to day life can be romantic if you have two people in love willing to see it. (Here are some more frugal date night ideas.)

What inexpensive romantic ideas have you done before?

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