Giveaway: Prize Package (Attraction Tickets, Shirts, Accessories)

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Visit Omaha Giveaway

If you have followed Kansas City Mamas for any length of time, you know that I’m a born and bred Nebraska Girl. (In fact, someone in one of the reader surveys accused me of actually living in Nebraska instead of Kansas City.)

Well, in addition to loving my home state, I’m also a money appreciator who loves getting the biggest bang for her buck!

And that is why I’ve been so blessed to be a partner with since Kansas City Mamas began several years ago…I truly believe that Omaha provides the best bang for your buck for an extended weekend getaway.

In addition to the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium (which is always amazing to see), I’m super excited about a new attraction at The Durham Museum feature “Women Who Rock” which will be on display till May 5, 2013.

So if you don’t have Spring Break plans yet, seriously consider jumping in the car and taking the short three-hour drive to Omaha to enjoy a little rest/relaxation and see some premiere Midwest attractions.

And because wants someone to enjoy a little Spring Break – they are giving away the following prize pack to one lucky KCM reader winner.

Tickets for (4) to five major Omaha destinations:


  • (2) Adult Ts (large)
  • (2) Adult Ts (small)
  • (2) Omaha coffee thermoses
  • (2) Omaha stuffed animals
  • and (1) Omaha duffel bag

Here’s How To Enter The Giveaway

(Remember, each comment is considered a entry – so leave a separate comment each time.)

Leave me your favorite thing about Omaha. (Example, The Omaha Zoo.) And if you haven’t gone before, just say “Haven’t gone.”

Additional entry: Become a email subscriber to Kansas City Mamas. (I promise, I won’t spam you.) And then leave a comment and let me know.

Additional entry: Become in Like with Kansas City Mamas on Facebook. (We have fun, I promise.) And then leave a comment and let me know.

Additional entry: Become in Like with VisitOmaha on Facebook. And then leave a comment and let me know.

Contest will be open till end of day on March 13, 2013. Winner will be notified by email and has 48-hours to respond before another winner is chosen. Winner must reside in the lower 48-states of the continental USA. Good Luck.

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  1. Jennifer A says

    I have never been to Omaha, however me and my son were just talking about spring break last night and trying to figure out where we could afford to go for a few days over spring break and Omaha was where I had suggested.

  2. Jen says

    I love the zoo! It’s so big that you can see everything the first day so the next time you go back it can be a different adventure for the kids!

  3. olive says

    I went to a U2 concert there. I stayed at the double tree downtown. I went as an undergrad and went to the joselyn museum to look at the lichtenstein. They have a nice baseball park there and I walked around but there was no world series of baseball going on. They also have casinos. I like looking at the original nebraska furniture mart. My favorite thing is smelling the campbells soup factory downtown. I have eaten at a cajun place and also taken a boat ride in the downtown area. I have also toured boys town and the chapel there. I got a free ride to creighton but even with free tuiton there was no way I could afford that place.

  4. olive says

    I have never stayed at a hotel in Omaha that wasn’t with a coupon or from Priceline. They have pretty good hotels from priceline. So if you are going up there, use priceline.

  5. Kelly Garza says

    I love the Eugne T. Mahoney state park – it is awsome. The zoo is the best too.
    This would be an awsome trip!

  6. BethanyNS says

    The zoo of course, but truly? Ecreamery. Have you tried the blood orange sorbetto? OMG to die for! Truly. The shark tank with the pretzels is ok. DH liked the mint chocolate, but the blood orange sorbetto was what came home in the cooler.

  7. Denise says

    We just discussed going to Omaha! I love the zoo, but haven’t been there for 15 years or so!

  8. Nikos says

    We are wanting to go to Omaha! We love the zoo and haven’t ever taken our girls there!

  9. aly says

    I LOVE the Omaha Zoo and the butterfly house. The aquarium was being updated and we didn’t get to go last time.

  10. Angela Durtschi says

    I love the Omaha Zoo. And my kids do too. There are so many big cats, which are there favorites!

  11. LMarie Banks says

    I have never been, but have heard nothing but great things about it. Thanks!

  12. Monica Ossmann says

    The Zoo, I remember running a 3K when I was a child and would love to take my kids.

  13. Rachel Clement says

    I love the penguins at the Omaha Zoo. We also like the drive through part of the zoo even though it is quite a drive!

  14. Trina says

    I haven’t been to Omaha but my husband and I have been wanting to visit the Omaha Zoo!

  15. Laurie says

    We really like the aquarium in Omaha and
    would love to try other things especially the
    Children’s Museum.

  16. Rachel says

    A fellow Husker native in Kansas City and I love the Henry Doorly Zoo. Always have. Always will.

  17. ann says

    We haven’t been yet, but I’ve heard its a great destination with kids – especially when we are not planning on flying anywhere this spring break.

  18. Sheri Mickey says

    I love the zoo at Omaha….but I’ve only been once and I was way pregnant. Would love to go back again with both girls and do more exploring!

  19. Sheri Mickey says

    I have subscribed to your email updates because I can’t keep up with them on FB! :)

  20. Melissa says

    Favorite thing about Omaha was definitely the zoo and the amazing pizza machine!

  21. Stacy says

    Also already subscribe to Kansas City Mamas email updates. Love the great deals you share. Love that M2 and Michelle have you on KC Live, too!

  22. Stacy says

    Favorite thing about Omaha is definitely the Henry Doorly Zoo. Their overnight Scout experience is amazing! And given that KC doesn’t have much of a zoo, so worth the drive for such a remarkable experience.

  23. Kim says

    I too love Omaha! It’s hard to pick just one thing. We loved the Durham museum, the Rose theater, lauritzen gardens, the zoo, the joslyn art museum, I could go on and on!

  24. Libby says

    We’ve been to Omaha once as a family & had a wonderful time at the zoo. I would highly recommend it.

  25. Lindsay Walter says

    When I was in grad schooln Lincoln, I visited my brother frequently in Omaha.
    It is a fun place to visit and I’d love to take my family there sometime!

  26. marla ashcraft says

    Love Henry d. Zoo! Took my son there at age 4. Would love to take him back now that he is older.

  27. Carrie Fosher says

    We did the Omaha Zoo as a Boy Scout camping trip and it was so cool! Would love to see more of Omaha!

  28. Amy W says

    Haven’t gone….

    BUT would love to take my family!!!Thank you for the chance to win the prize package!!


    I like you on Facebook!
    I have been to the Zoo up there and love the penguins!
    I am a subscriber!
    I just liked VisitOmaha on facebook!

    Have family up there, would be nice to explore the sites!!

  30. Priscilla says

    Omaha has been my favorite short trip, so much fun @ the zoo, hope to go back soon & explore more!

  31. Mitch says

    The zoo is unbelievable! I will never forget the bird exhibit. I have gone there once and look forward to taking my kids.

  32. Rachel says

    I’ve never been to any attraction in Omaha, but would love to bring my kids & hubby there!

  33. Belinda says

    My family loves the Omaha zoo, we had so much fun a few years ago when we went!
    I am a KCM and visitomaha follower and a KCM email subscriber!

  34. Ellen says

    We haven’t been to Omaha, but wanted to go to the zoo! Heard wonderful things about it. Pioneer Park looks cool, too!

  35. Ellen says

    I haven’t been to Omaha, but want to visit the zoo! We have heard great things about it! Pioneer Park looks cool, too!

  36. Maureen Bergeman says

    I think the Omaha Zoo is our favorite, although the cool downtown restaurant/shopping area is a close 2nd!

  37. Kelly says

    It’s been several years since we have been able to visit Omaha, but would LOVE to go again!

  38. Jennifer Wagner says

    We LOVE Omaha and have been several times! The zoo is wonderful but we also enjoy the Children’s Museum and the atmosphere of the city in general. Some WONDERFUL neighborhoods and many AMAZING restaurants!

  39. Kelly says

    I also have previously “Liked” Kansas City Mamas on FB and am still a follower. Does this still count as an entry?

  40. Jodi says

    We love the children’s museum in Omaha! I just recently became an email subscriber. I liked KC Mamas fb page and the Omaha fb page. Thanks for this chance to win!

  41. Rachel says

    My favorite part of Omaha is the aquarium part of the zoo! Whoever wins make sure to check out the cute little diner next to the zoo for ice cream!

  42. Amanda S. says

    My family visited Omaha about six years ago. We loved the zoo and spent our whole day there. We stayed at the DoubleTree, which was an awesome hotel. We have been wanting to go back!

  43. robin says

    I’ve been to the airport! That is very nice – but don’t care to visit that this time! LOL

  44. Amanda says

    What little I have seen of the Omaha Zoo, I loved! I’d really like to see the 2nd half!!

  45. marla mayrand says

    i love Omaha! the Zoo is amazing and so is the downtown district. love the little ice cream shop that has amazing Ice Cream.

  46. Jenny Truman says

    I follow you on Facebook and get your emails. I am taking my 5 yr old daughter to Omaha at the end of April because she loves zoo’s. she has special needs and amusement parks scare her so I think she will really enjoy the zoo. Free tickets would make it amazing!

  47. Melanie says

    Hi Kelly!

    I get your emails and follow you on Facebook! I have two favorite things about Omaha – the aquarium at the zoo and this tiny little Thai grocery/restaurant where I had the best Thai food I’ve ever had in my life! :)