End of Month Results: How I Blew My Budget!

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Follow me as I chronicle my shopping adventures in an effort to spend $300 per month on groceries, health/beauty and cleaning products in Success Stories.

I blame ice cream. Edy’s ice cream. Specifically, Edy’s French Silk Pie ice cream.

Stupid Target.

Anyway, my shopping started out awesome this weekend, I needed to pick up my Hen House CSA and while I was there I was going to take advantage of the inexpensive Driscol Raspberries.

Hen House CSA

Pictured: Good Natured Family Farms Skim Milk, Ground Bison, Baby Squash, Heirloom Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Blackberries. Retail: $25.00

Hen House

Pictured: (6) Best Choice Microwave Popcorns, (2) Cape Cod Chips, (3) Driscol Raspberries, Best Choice Grape Jelly, Mrs. Bairds Bread, (6) Hen House Bagels, and (3) Best Life Buttery Sprays. Total: $11.54

Trip Total: $36.54

And then I became weak and went to Target. I should have just gotten the ice cream and left – but I don’t make it to Super Target that often and there were some other things I wanted.


Pictured: (5) Edy’s Ice Creams, (2) Hershey’s Bars (6-pack), (8) Ortega Canned Black Beans, (2) CLIF Z-Bars, (4) Hefty One-Zip Storage Bags, (2) Nexcare Shrek Bandages, Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon, Up & Up Detangler, and BioTrue Contact Lens Solution. Total: $35.01 with $5 gift card to use later.

Monthly Budget: $322.11

So there you have it. I’m not perfect. I blew my budget.

And while I was chastizing myself in the Target parking lot for going over budget, all the guilt was gone after the first scoop of French Silk Pie Ice Cream.

What about you? How did your month end up? Leave me a comment. I would love to hear about your successes.

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  1. says

    Hey, you did well! Some people spend $300 a week!

    This week I got a few things from Walgreens (88 cent diet pepsi, free nail polish, free tylenol patches, $1 maxi pads, $1 blue diamond almonds)… went to Walmart and price match/coupon several things— spent $50 there, but probably have two weeks worth of groceries :) Saved $20 :)

  2. christina w says

    Edy’s french silk is my FAVORITE too!!!! It was worth it!! sometimes you have to splurg to keep your sanity. Mom’s sometimes need to be pampered with the french silk ice cream.
  3. kate w says

    That French SilkIce Cream is sooooo worth a blown budget! Its a favorite in our house too! Glad I am not the only one who blew her budget this month!
  4. Patti says

    I think the retailers might put out good deals at month end just to get us in their stores and spending (sounds like a conspiracy theory…….lol!) Anyway…………… like you, I was doing really well this month until they did doubles at our local Supervalu this last week-end. Got some great deals, but need to lay low for awhile!

    Thanks for sharing the good and the not so good.

  5. Kelly Garza says

    On your Hen House deals did you use a Best Choice coupon on the popcorn and other BC items? If so where do you get BC coupons?
    You made out like a bandit – so the Ice Cream is forgiven!!!!
    Wish I had some in my house right now – or maybe not :)
  6. JulieeeC says

    I tried to get in on that super cheap Up and P detangler spray and for the life of me, I could not find it on the shelf at my Super Target. Darned Target.

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