Aldi Deals: Week of June 9 – 15

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Here are some of the the notable weekly deals and great everyday prices at Aldi. Remember, Aldi doesn’t take coupons, you’ll need your own bag, a quarter for the grocery cart (you will get it back), and either cash or a debit card (because it is the one place where VISA isn’t accepted).


$1.88 each package of 2 lbs. Green or Red Grapes (or $.94/lb)

$1.39 each Cantaloupe

$1.49 per pint Blueberries

Meat & Dairy

$3.05 Gallon Skim Milk*

$3.45 Gallon 2% Milk*

$3.55 Gallon Vitamin D Milk*

Staples & Snacks

$1.39 L’Oven Fresh Bagels

$1.39 Aunt Maple’s Buttermilk Pancake Mix

$1.99 Berryhill Chocolate or Hazelnut Spread

$.99 Clancy’s Tortilla or Corn Chips & Cheesy Puffs and Curls*

$1.19 Clancy’s Potato Chips and Pretzels*

$1.35 5 lb. All-Purpose Flour*

$.79 L’Oven Fresh White Bread*

$.99 L’Oven Fresh Whole Wheat Bread*

* denotes everyday pricing. However, I have found milk to be priced different at different Aldi stores.

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What are some of the things you buy at Aldi? What do you think of Aldi’s store brand? Let us know.
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  1. jones says

    Retired, on Social Security, watching my pennies. Shop Aldi about once every two weeks. Have used their cereals – compares well to national brands. Bought salsa and everyone liked it as well as the big names – for half the price. Fresh pineapple at 99 cents – small but just the right size for one person to enjoy without spoilage. Frozen Asian veggie pack (two pounds) for less than $3.00. Good on its own o
    r w/some left-over diced chicken added. Makes a meal for four, or four meals for me. And just tried the frozen cheese strudel – two to a pack. One of them should serve two or three people but OMG! I ate it all myself! Delicious.
    Aldi offers a refund and replacement so you really can't lose. And I wish every store would switch to the Rent-a-Cart-for-a-Quarter method. (Shop-Rite in Manahawkin NJ does)
    Sorry this is so long, but you can guess I like Aldi.
  2. Kelly and Ali says

    jones – I'm a HUGE Aldi fan too. Everything I have bought has been the best quality. Their tortilla chips and pretzels are my favorite. Better than any brand name IMO.

    Thanks for commenting – I love hearing recommendations from my readers of new products to try.

    – kel

  3. jones says

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