10 Ways to Earn More Swagbucks (Part Two)

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One of the easiest ways to get Swagbucks is to enter codes. Codes can be entered when you are logged into your account and go to the Swagbucks home page. Type the code in the box and press “Gimme” to redeem your code.

Codes are available for a short length of time (a few hours) and can be for as little as four or as high as twenty-five Swagbucks.

Following are the top three ways to earn through codes.

Tip #3: Follow the Swagbucks Facebook Page

You want to follow the Swagbucks Facebook Page because…

  • The Swagbuck’s Facebook page often has tips from users on “search” words to use that will trigger Swagbucks.
  • Often there are codes that are Facebook exclusive – and they are put in plain sight on the Facebook Wall.
  • If there is a code somewhere else, like on the Swagbucks Blog, other users will let you know.

Tip #4: Follow the Swagbucks Blog

You want to follow the Swagbucks Blog because…..

  • Swagbucks releases codes on the blog as often as once a day.
  • The blog highlights extra ways to earn that are outside of normal channels.

Tip #5: Follow Swagbucks on Twitter

Follow Swagbucks on Twitter because…

  • When a Swagcode becomes “live” you will know within a few minutes on Twitter (instead of hours later) because everyone tweets or retweets.
  • Every Thursday Swagbucks play Swagbucks Trivia on Twitter for BIG Swagbuck amounts. It’s fun, it’s easy, and you could win enough Swagbucks to pay for your Christmas.
  • You can also get extra Swagbucks when you “tweet” when you won Swagbucks through your searches.

Make sure you join me tomorrow, when I give you another few tips on earning Swagbucks.

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